Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New House...

....We LOVE it!

Sorry, I didn't mean to tease you with possible pictures, but they will come soon. I promise. We just barely got internet hooked up last night and it will probably be a few more days until we can get pictures downloaded and such.

By the way, speaking of internet, we signed up for the Verizon bundle with phone, internet and TV all in one package and are saving ourselves about $165/month! Check it out for an easy way to save some moola!

The move was crazy and hectic, and two things we discovered were:
1. We will never move again! ha-ha-ha
2. We, or should I say the kids, have a lot of CRAP!!! It was a million times harder moving with two small children and all their 'stuff'

The kids are absolutely loving the backyard and long driveway. Taylor says she feels like she's at a hotel. How cute is that? They've been in the backyard since 8am today. That makes me know that all of the hassle was so worth it.

Sydney has had a little bit of a harder time with the move. He loves the backyard and his much bigger room, but for the first couple of days he kept saying "Mommy, take me home." Just about broke my heart. I think it will be a few more days till he feels settled.

I was really sad to leave the old house, but those feelings are starting to fade away. I didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy the little simple things about the new house. Like the clean and smooth walls. Sounds silly, I know, but it's nice nonetheless.

Oh, and I just had to try out the oven and cook a real meal, so amidst all the boxes, I made lasagna for the first time! I have been tempted to try it since seeing the recipe on one of my favorite blogs, especially because she promises it is easy, and you know what, it was! Oh and it was delicious. If you want the recipe go here. Hey, if I could make a lasagna 2 days after moving into a new house, then you know it's easy! (I used ground turkey by the way since I'm trying to cut down on our beef intake and it was just as good).

I have my sewing machine all unpacked and the pink and red felt already purchased (thanks Sarah), and I'm just itching to start some Valentine's Day crafts like making a felt heart garland. I like this one, but think I will leave off the letters.

Oh, and how cute are these felt heart pencil toppers? I think they would make a great preschool favor for Taylor's class, especially since they have been really working on their writing lately.

Is it a pipe dream to think I can break out the sewing machine a week after moving into a new house? Perhaps, but hey, I made a lasagna! If I can do that I can do anything, right?

Besides, I need a good distraction from all the unpacking.

Pictures to follow soon!

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