Friday, January 15, 2010


I think I need to read this book. Like REALLY. I worry too much. I know there is been a lot to worry about lately, but seriously,

I need to learn that I am not always in the driver's seat.

I need to learn that He will always take care of us, even if we don't know what His plan is.

I need to have stronger FAITH.

I need to not pass on this trait to my children, the way my father passed it on to us.

I need to let go and trust in Him.

I need to seriously get in the game.


Here is a passage from the book that I stumbled on in my blog roll reading today:

"God does not demand that you and i have blind faith,
but abandoned faith, a faith that trusts Him fully.
Through His Word, God willingly reveals much about who He is, what His plans are,
and what He requires of us.
As we come to see Him and know Him he urges, "Trust Me."
Hundreds of times in the Bible God implores us to trust Him.
We tend to make trust a gray area, but with God the issue is black and white.
We either trust Him or we don't.
We're for Him or we're against Him.
We're in the game or we're on the sidelines.
As I think about true faith, heartfelt throw-yourself-in-with-complete-abandon faith,
two things come to mind:
*faith is rooted in God's character.
*faith is based on God's Word, not on our feelings."

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