Friday, February 25, 2011

Playgrounnds & Lollipops - A Lesson Learned

 {Dress: Patterson Kincaid; Tights: Hue; Booties: Stuart Weitzman; Watch: Michael Kors}
There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this dress.  And I'm going to teach them to you, whether you want me to or not.  But first, I need to go make myself a cup of coffee.  I've now come to the realization that I'm not working out this morning so I might as well ingest my coffee now.  Blogging vs. working out?  Blogging will win every time.  Sorry abs and butt.

Okay, I'm back and the coffee tastes great.  So where were we?  Oh, yes, the lessons learned from a dress.  In my ever so humble opinion, I don't think we women wear enough dresses and it's a shame.  Dresses make a statement.  You don't have to think about putting together an outfit since it's an all-in-one outfit.  It's a great value item because you don't have to buy two pieces.  And they're so feminine and versatile.  Again, in my humble opinion, I think the basis of a strong wearable closet starts with a couple of versatile dresses that you can wear to baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, a DATE with your husband perhaps?  I used to scramble the day before an event searching for a dress to wear and would end up spending too much money on something that I didn't love because I was in a time crunch.  So now I always sort of keep my eyes peeled for a dress so I have one when I need it.
And this dress in particular is going to get a lot of mileage in the next year.  I found it on a sale rack at Bloomingdale's last week when I was visiting stores and it was an additional 40% off, which means I paid about $5 for it.  Really, I paid $53 for it which ain't bad considering the original price was $165!  Always scan the sale racks first my friends, you are bound to unearth a treasure.  This is the only clothing purchase I made this month too by the way, leaving me well within my budget for February.

I love that the graphic floral print makes a statement.  I love that it has both black and cognac colors going on so I can wear it as seen with black tones, or else wear it with brown tones.  I love that it's short sleeve, not sleeveless or long sleeve, so it can be season-less.  And I love the funky pleated waist line.  I have great vision for this dress.  I see it being worn not only with heels as seen here, but with my oxford flats during spring time for sort of a hipster/artsy look, with wedges for a fun dinner date, or with flat sandals for a birthday party.  Just about the only thing this dress can't do is make dinner for me.

So what have we learned today friends?
  1. Always shop the sale racks first
  2. Dresses are versatile and cost-effective, and make a statement
  3. Add a dress to your wardrobe
  4. If you find a dress that you like, in your price range, pick it up even if you don't have a specific event in mind because something will inevitably come up.
  5. Don't shy away from a bold print; while basics are great, too many basics are boring
  6. Look for a print that holds both black and brown tones for even more versatility
  7. Look for a dress that can be worn all year round
  8. Lastly, we have learned that when Andrea does not blog for a few days, Andrea gets very verbose
And that has been our lesson plan for the day.  Study hard, there will be a test later.  Okay not really.  Oh, and don't ask why our firewood is wrapped in plastic wrap, or why half these pictures are crooked.  Have a great Friday.  Any good plans this weekend?  Oh, and do you like this type of lessons learned format?


  1. cute dress! i personally LOVE dresses. it's simple & quick and doesn't require me to think too hard about my outfit. important for a working mama on the move....well for anyone woman for that matter too.
    love the shoes too!

  2. Totally agree with you about dresses. I used to do the exact same thing, and finally figured it out. now I look for dresses even if I don't have an "occasion" coming up.
    Loemans often seems to have a good selection--especially in summer.
    Sadly I won;t be wearing one for a long while since nursing does not lend itself to dresses.
    But I will await the day.
    And, if I had beautiful legs like yours, I would wear dresses every day! :)
    Happy Friday.
    Love from,

  3. Adorable dress! I just recently started wearing dresses. I've only purchased two so far, but I'm always on the look out now for great ones! I'll keep these tips in mind :)

  4. I love shopping for dresses and wearing them. This was a great find, you look beautiful!

  5. I love dresses! I wear one nearly everyday. This one is ADORABLE! Just $5?!? What a steal! Nice shopping! :)

  6. The other day I remembered that in college, I declared Friday as Dress Day, and wore one every Friday, since I felt it reflected my happy anticipation for the days off. It felt free and like I was celebrating regular ol' life. I think I need to start it back up, don't you?

  7. i love that dress, and i really like the way you did this post. maybe it's the inner-student always aching to come out, but i really enjoyed having some practical lessons to take away!

  8. Thanks girls for the dress love! so happy to hear so many ladies supporting the dress :) Greta, thanks for the compliment on the legs. I hate them as a child, but have now learned to love them, it only took 25 years! Leslie, I think dress Friday is a wonderful idea! And Annie, I'm not surprised you liked this style of post, and glad you do. It all came up very naturally and suddenly, and am thinking I am on to something. Maybe I need to turn every P&L into a lesson of some sort?

  9. Claire is looking over my shoulder and immediately said, "I want to print out that dress!" I, for one, love dresses and wear them severak says a week.

  10. I am a huge fan of dresses! They make up almost my entire maternity wardrobe with each child. They are also by far the most comfortable thing to wear during super hot summer weather. You always look cute and put together in a nice dress and cute shoes.

  11. I am horrible about wearing dresses, thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I think you may officially be too stylish to be my friend.

    I just went on a date tonight wearing: skinny cords, a thermal, a cardigan, and my ancient Payless boots. Oh, and a ponytail. And no mascara.


  13. Love dresses. They are my go to staple in the summer, but I seem to have trouble finding ones for my SAHM life for fall/winter (ie not to short and child friendly) - Erin

  14. I think you are really onto something for your blog with this format. Women love to learn about how to wear practical things!

    I own maybe 5 dresses. And they are all summer dresses. It's just not something I think of for any other time of the year. That dress looks fabulous on you and ... whoa! Amazing legs Andrea!

  15. Just discovered your blog! I absolutely adore this dress on you and I totally agree with all of your points. Dresses are so versatile. If I could live in a dress, that would be my choice :)

  16. I agree that dresses should be worn more! I love this one on you. You look so slim! :)

  17. You are FABULOUS!!! (I know you know that, but it never hurts to hear it again :D)


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