Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar anyone?

Hi Friends.  2 posts in one day you say?  Yes, I am back and flying high at 35,000 feet. and just a tad bored.  I'm mixing a little work and blogging. 

I may or may not have had a crying spell in Terminal 4 at LAX before I boarded the plane, but I dried my tears and made it on the plane.  A stop at Starbucks in the American wing helped, as well as the forever trashy US Weekly.  I am so glad I don't subscribe to that magazine.  I pick one up about every 12 weeks and the headlines are always the same only feature different names.  Today, I learned that Miley is "pissed" at her dad for his comments in GQ that she is basically one step away from rehab.  The entire magazine was read before we even took off.  Blech.

I logged onto GoGo InFlight and opened up the sweetest email from my husband.  He is always the one I can count on to talk me off a ledge, and he takes the brunt of my complaining that I "hold in" with everyone else.  He says when I get home we have some serious talking to do about this job of mine.  I have to admit I sort of like it when he puts his foot down.  Let's see what this "talking to" is all about when I get home...

So did anyone watch the Oscars?  We watch every year since we both have a fascination with film.  This year we DVR'd the show and watched snippets in and out with the kids before they went to bed.  They watched all the musical performances and they rooted on Alice In Wonderland and How to Tame Your Dragon.  We finished watching the show after they went to bed. 

Was anyone else completely underwhelmed with Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts?  The Gregory Brothers (best known for their auto-tuning skills of Antoine Dobson "hide your kids, hide your wife" You Tube hit) unintentional musicals bit was pretty funny, and I thought the acceptance speech for the best original screenplay was sweet and sincere.  And that Sandra Bullock was as always, a class act.  But other than that the show was a bit of a snooze fest don't you think?  And having Celine Dion sing right after Gwyneth Paltrow was a cruel, cruel joke.  Maybe I was feeling hormonal or down that I was leaving the next day for NY, but even the fashion didn't excite me much.  Lots of frothy princessy numbers, but I did think Cate Blanchett and Melissa Leo looked stunning, even though both their dresses were a little unconventional.
And can we just have a moment of silence for Javier Bardem?  I literally let out a gasp when he came on screen in that white tux with that Brolin dude, which I cannot find an image of. 
So what was your take on the Oscars this year if you watched.  Did they appeal to a younger demo with their choice in co-hosts, or is it time to bring back Billy Crystal?  Personally, I'd take Billy any day.


  1. I thought Melissa Leo was so funny and charming with how shocked she was to have won and how she bantered with Kurt Douglas. As always, fun to see the dresses but kind of a bore compared to the Grammys!

  2. Cate's dress had me from the floor to her waist. ;)

  3. Let me just say that this Oscar stuff is serious biz in this house. I grew thinking that I would seriously win one someday. Ha! : ) I became a teacher. That stinkin' plan B. Anyway, yes I was underwhelmed on all accounts. However, I still have a crush on James despite his dismal hosting skills.

  4. i dvr'd and have yet to watch the whole thing but did enjoy the red carpet. LOVE Jennifer Hudson in the tangerine and the fact that she rocked purple shoes (my favorite color) underneath! everyone else was kind of 'meh'. I DID like Cate Blanchet because she takes risks and they work and when Valentino was chatting w/ Tim Gunn was pretty exciting. I'd like to have a pocket sized version of both of them the next time I go shopping.
    get home safe! and hope your "talking to" is everything you think it will be!

  5. Ooh, I missed the purple shoes on Jennifer Hudson! But she did look beautiful. And shannen, I agree, my favorite part of Cate's dress was the color and the skirt, the shoulders were a little odd, but love that she always takes a chance. She is just so purty and talented!

  6. yayyy!! i loving blogging from the plane! can't wait til the day that ALL planes have free wifi!! :) i LOVED mila kunis's (slightly revealing) dress the best haha!!

  7. I too loved Cate's dress, I missed Melissa Leo's speech, but loved Colin Firth's - so self-deprecated and funny and classy. I sort of wish it was just Anne, she and James didn't really work together for me.
    As for the dresses - I also love Scarlett Johansen - it was different and of course she makes everything look sexy. I loved the silver fringe that Anne wore part way through that she twisted in - I would love to wear that!
    Michele Williams could not get any cuter in my opinion - every picture of her lately is stunning!

  8. I agree. Anne by herself would have been great as James Franco and her together just did not gel. As for the dresses, I thought Cate's dress was fab, Helen Mirren looked great in Viviene Westwood, Natalie Portman looked beautiful and Michele Williams was super cute.

    But, Amy Adam's Cartier emeralds reported at 1.35 million were simply stunning!

  9. Agreed! Cate B. looked spectacular!!!


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