Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Mrs. Bright Side

{Blazer-Nordstrom TBD Department; Striped Sweater-Aqua at Bloomingdale's; Flare Leg Jeans-Gap; Wedges-Banana Republic; Watch-Michael Kors; Zipper Clutch-American Apparel; Polish-Don't Mess With OPI Texas Collection}

Why is it so hard to find a pair of wedges that don't make me look like I'm channeling a stripper or auditioning for a part on That 70's Show?  These ones are nice, perfect "mom" wedges; cushy and soft and plenty of sole so you don't feel like your about to tip over, and adjustable straps to make you feel nice and secure.  I'd like a pair of brown wedges, and these do come in a nice shade of brown, but it seems odd to own two pairs of the same shoes, just in different colors.  Is it just me or does that seem odd to you too?

Why are kids so honest?  Tonight Taylor says "Mom, what's that big thing on your lip?"  Well honey, it's called a cold sore and it's brought on by mommy's stress levels going off the deep-end because there is a large hole in our yard that I can dive into.  Any more questions sweetie?
Why do these jeans lose all their shape after just one wear?  I try to limit washing my dark jeans after every wear to preserve the color, but these definitely need a washing after each wear or else they sort of look all flippy and floppy in the wind.  I do like them a lot though, and they are the only Gap jeans I own that actually give my hiney a good little lift.  I'm sure my father would be mortified that I just talked about my tush on the internet, but hey, there had to be one redeeming factor of this outfit right?

Oh!  There is one more redeeming factor, I love my Oh Sweet Joy turban headband.  Frames my face just right if I do say so.
So what have we learned in this post friends?  Not a whole heck of a lot unfortunately.  I guess we've learned that everyone has their 'eh' days where we just don't feel so hot to trot.  Bad hair day, chipped nails, pimple on the chin (or cold sore on the lip), but there can always be something to brighten our day.  In my case it's a fancy headband and jeans that make my tush look decent.  Always a bright side people, always a bright side.  What's your bright side today?

OH! And I forgot all about posting a little review of the American Apparel zipper clutch!  So sorry, so sorry.  
To post a real quick little review: It's OK.  I don't love it and I don't hate it.
The pluses:
- keeps me from overfilling it, thus carrying around a 10 lb handbag (no joke, that's how much my old handbag weighed)
- super convenient for just holding a few things and running a quick errand.
- it is beyond cute and draws a lot of attention and compliments; not that that is important, but just reporting a fact.  Every. Single. Day someone asks "What's that?  Is that your purse?  Who makes it, it's so cute."  Every day people!  It looks very expensive for what it actually is and goes with everything I wear.

The minuses:
- it's hard to hold when you are carrying anything else besides the clutch.  Grocery bags, an almost 4 year old little boy, a magazine.  It starts to slip out from under my arm and I have to squeeze my arm so tight to prevent it from slipping that the death grip I give it forces it TO actually slip out from under my arm.  Does that make sense? 
- it can be unsanitary.  Just think of a public restroom, no straps to hook onto the door hook, none of those nice little purse tables that fold out to set it on.  You get the picture, you know where the purse has to sit.  Gross.  Then, if you are at a restaurant you either put it on the ground or on the table.  Neither choice is appealing.  A small little evening clutch can easily sit on a table, but this baby is 9x14 and takes up a decent amount of space.

Bottom line, I guess I do love it and hate it.  I would probably say that if you're going for functional, this ain't the purse for you.  But if you just want a fun little summer bag and are going for more fashion, than go for it.  It's a great value for the price and a fun element to spruce up your Spring wardrobe.

p.s. sorry I haven't responded to many of your comments in the last couple of posts.  I promise I have been reading all of them, I just have been, well, you know.  Happy Weekend!


  1. I love the flared jeans trend going on right now~ I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair; maybe it's time I make a trip to Gap. (And my bright side today? My leopard print flats and cheap Forever 21 necklace. It's all about the accessories...)

  2. Love the outfit, not that I am working from home it inspires me to pretty myself up more :) and really tempted to get the bag, I think it would make a perfect bag while strollering through town

  3. i dont care how often skinny pants go in and out with the trends, there's nothing like a good wide leg trouser. i dont love having two of the same thing in different colors either. or bags without handles. super cute, but not too practical for mommies. cold sores plague me and i hate them so so much.

  4. I wish there was a "like" button on blogs. : )

  5. i love wedges and in fact posted about my massive shoe issue the other day (http://sweetpeazcorner.blogspot.com/2011/04/excessive-much.html) AND I actually have two pairs of the same wedges in two different colors (one gold & one black) as one of my well learned shopping philosophies is : "if you like it & it fits well. buy it in every color."!
    oh and I just ordered more flare-y style jeans like that and can't wait to rock them w/ the wedges. love the turban on you too!
    happy friday!

  6. Nice outfit! I love that even with the blazer, the outfit isn't "stuffy". Whenever I wear one I tend to feel overdressed, but you're inspiring me cause I see that instead it can look polished.

    Oh, and try tucking your clutch behind you in your chair. If there's a gap between the backrest and the seat than I usually prop it on the pole thingy that attaches the backrest...beats putting it on the ground, yuck!

  7. You look great! I love the wide leg jeans and the clutch... I've been seeing people all over the place raving about the AA clutches, but I had never even thought of the restroom situation. Ew!

  8. love those jeans!!
    you're a cutie for sure;)

  9. I love a trouser jean. Love. And stripes. I love those, too.

    Happy Saturday, Mama!

  10. Love the wide leg trousers, super flattering on you! I of course love the polish for multiple reasons!

  11. Ha - you do love it and hate it! I think it's adorable. Would love to get one on sale!

  12. You crack me up about the wedges.
    I WANT that Turban..or at least to borrow it ;)

    And I still think I want to get that AA clutch.


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