Friday, April 29, 2011

Much Too Much?

{Hat: Tarnish; Trench, Silk Crepe Shirt & Tank: James Perse; Pants: J. Crew;  
Sandals: Sam Edelman; Necklace: Juicy Couture; Earrings: The Rusted Chain; Nail Polish: Essie Boat House}  
I may be wrong but it seems to me that hats, especially fedoras, draw a lot of attention.  When I met up with JJ and Rachel last month for a Blog Sugar planning dinner and wore this hat, it became the subject of a running joke for about a week, all in good fun of course. I do think it takes a bit of courage to pull off bold accessories and statement pieces, and some days you feel it and some days you don't.

I met one of my favorite bloggers Jules for lunch last week and I wore this outfit, but ditched the hat.  I took it off at the last minute because it seemed just a little too much for a first time meet and greet.  I do love it, but might just wear it in the confines of my own home, which I wouldn't mind a bit.  Just me and my hat, walking around the house together.  We had a great time at lunch though and I got to meet Emily as well.  Between a tardy sitter and a lot of traffic getting out to the IE, I ended up being 30 minutes late.  Way to make a great first impression.  All was forgiven though and we talked shop for about 2 hours and laughed a lot.  In the end I was glad I left the hat at home because I don't think it could have handled being the butt of another joke.  I've got to protect its self esteem you know.    

Are there accessories or trends that you love, but feel a little shy or intimidated to wear?  What holds you back, or what pushes you forward to try something new?  I'll also get back to my "lessons learned" type of P&L posts next week.  I think I've just felt a little fried these last couple of weeks to properly coordinate a nice little lesson plan :)  Have a great weekend everyone!  We have our Anniversary date night today and I still need a gift, but I've got plenty of ideas!  Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions, now to just decide today...

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  1. I think you rock the hat, seriously. If i saw you out and about I would probably ask you where I could get the same one. It completely made that outfit from looking good to fabulous!
    Rock it, i think they secretly wanted one!

  2. you look lovely, as usual.

  3. i am hat obsessed lately! i've recently bought two fedora's that i am uncertain how i lived without for so long! and I like that hat on you! it gives it a little something extra! have fun on your date tonight!! can't wait to hear what you came up with for a gift cuz our anniversary is in a few months and I'm at a complete loss!

  4. LOVE the hat! Too cute! You are seriously rocking it big time!

  5. I love hats! I wore a fascinator and vintage 1950s dress to my brother's wedding and got a few side eyes, especially from my conservative brother in-law, but the fashiony people and gay best friend photographer thought I rocked it. (And I did. Ahem.) ;)

    As pretty as you are in pictures, you are twenty times prettier in real life. I had a great time leaving my hole and meeting humans. I should have done it a long time ago! Too bad none of thought to use our cameras.

    As for risky things I love to wear, that would be hats. I think I look good in them, too. (They make my Charlie Brown head look normal size.)

  6. I am a super fan of hats, fedoras being my favorite. Next time I'll expect to see you rockin some fierce headware!

  7. you look amazing-a stunner, as usual;)

  8. You know I LOVE hats and wear them pretty frequently. Don't shy away, let people make you feel silly OR take it off. It completes the look. You look FAB!

  9. You look fab! I especially love your necklace!!

  10. I think you rock that hat! I love how fedoras look on the girls that I am seeing them on in blog land. I look ridiculous in one. But I think its not just the hat. You have to have the clothes and the 'tude to pull it all off.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! And yes, I did get that at H&M just before Easter. It was only $10! So run!

  11. i LOVVE this outfit! the hat is so sassy on you, and this whole look is what my friends and i would call "it girl, cool girl." very very cute. :)

  12. I love the hat! You should wear it more often!
    You are so tall! Lucky you!
    Follow me back! here is my post!

  13. Tres chic! The hat makes this outfit!

  14. I adore this look head-to-toe! You look so happy :)

  15. i love love love fedoras! :)


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