Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weird Quirks

I'm feeling a bit off, like something just isn't right.  Almost that feeling of dread like something bad is about to happen and I'm trying hard to shake it.  Maybe I'm just feeling a little emotional after Taylor turning six yesterday, maybe it's that my time at my job is coming to an end and I'm feeling a little unsettled.  Maybe it's this blog and what direction I'm going with it.  I'm praying for some answers or at least some peace though.

I have so many "pretty" things to post, Taylor's special birthday cake, our goodie bag alternative, and a dynamite recipe, but I feel like just being silly today to try and help me shake this feeling.  Lately I have been so concentrated on trying to make this blog perfect.  Only posting certain content, taking and editing perfect pictures, trying to write good content, and I'm just a bit tired.  This is not to say that my content has been perfect or pretty, it's just something I've been working hard at it, not necessarily achieving.  It's lovely to have pretty things on my blog, but if it takes all the joy out of blogging, than what good is it for?  So today, I'm sharing a bit of myself that is a little embarrassing, but what is good blogging without some embarrassment from time to time?  I hope you don't leave me hanging and share some embarrassing quirks about yourself in the comments section :)  So here they are, the ones that I'm willing to share:

* I get very happy when we finish a box or jar of food.  It's like I wasn't wasteful and used up all our resources.

*Conversely, it drives me crazy when there's just a little bit left of something in a box or jar.   Like not quite enough for 1 serving of cereal, or just the tiniest bit of salsa left in the jar.  Sometimes if I don't have an immediate use for it and I come across it, I'll just throw it out; it's like it's symbolic of me getting rid of clutter in my life.  Weird, I know.

*I have this particular plastic knife that I save and use to stir my coffee creamer with.  Not a spoon, not a stirrer, or even a metal knife, but a plastic knife.  And I put it in the dishwasher.  I think it's from Wendy's or Chinese takeout.  It's sturdy as far as plastic knives go.

*Speaking of utensils, one of my biggest pet peeves is when your utensil falls off of your plate.  And I get sent into overdrive when it falls off on the way to the sink with your dishes in hand.  The noise, the mess it makes if the bits of food on the fork splatter on the floor.  It drives me crazy.  Weird, I know.

*I have this old rubber band that I can't throw away.  It is completely stretched out and worn and I have to wrap it around my hair about 5 times to get it to hold, but I just can't throw it away.

*And lastly, since we're on the subject of rubber bands, my final weird quirk that I'm willing to share before I scare you all off and you never read again is this: I keep a rubber band around my wrist and play with it, like twirl it around my wrist and snap it and pull at it.  Weird, I know.  I guess it's like a nervous tick.
So please confess, do you have any strange quirks that you're not too embarrassed to share?  Come on, I know there must be something.  If you don't have any weird quirks, well then bravo to you!  Let me ask, what shrink did you see to help cure you of your quirks?  :)  Have a great day friends!


  1. i'm your same scenario about the end of a box of food! drives me crazy, that last little bit. i even have a cereal storage thing where I dump the last serving (if it makes a good combo), so we always have the option of the mixture cereal. my favorite combo: kix and coax (cocoa puffs). also i'm dreading the june bug season that's coming. they freak me out, hover around my front porch light and try to sneak into my house, and i can't kill them because they're too crunchy. ok enough embarassment.

  2. quirks? where to begin? I like to be in bed before my husband. It is almost like a race so I can get in bed before him and get all cozy before he gets in. Why? I don't know. I love hearing other quirks from "normal folks" too. xoxo

  3. First, I'm right there with you- your intro, the first paragraph- I feel THE.SAME.WAY. When will it sort itself out? Oy.

    And quirks? I rearrange my closet almost weekly to which ever organizational tactic I'm feeling (color, shirt style, dress length, whatever...). I also cannot stand the sound of people chewing with their mouths open- so much so, that I almost stop people before they start to eat if they look like they're going to smack. It makes me want to punch them. If someone tailgates me while I'm walking (steps on my heels), I will turn into a flying baboon and knock them over by their shins. Maybe not REALLY, but that's how I feel. It's like grinding teeth or scratching a blackboard. Walking tailgaters are my BIGGEST pet peeve. Hmm... since just December, I've had to sleep with my sound machine iPhone app running. I usually choose some sort of waves or rain. I think it drives my dog nutty, but I can't fall asleep without it or all I hear are sounds of baby breathing (which is beautiful, but I stay awake just to hear her), the dishwasher running, icemaker dropping ice, dog breathing... husband snoring...

    I have many, many others. Those are just a few!

  4. Quirks? I don't have any. I'm perfectly normal. (I wish there was a font for sarcasm, I would have use it just now)

    Seriously though, I have a ton of quirks. But I can't think of any off the top of my head right now because I'm surrounded by my hyper children and 2 barking dogs. But I wanted you to know you aren't alone. :o)

  5. I have many: the sink has to be clean at night. I close the doors of rooms not in use. Sometimes I put myself to sleep by playing with this one section of hair...I still resort to biting my nails or picking at them when I'm nervous...

  6. You know I LOVE this post and I love quirks... I have too many to name, but heres's a few:

    When I do dishes my toes have to be touching the the baseboards.

    I can not stand certain foods to touch on my plate and wont eat those bites.

    If I lay down on my right side, and I get out of bed for something, I have to lay on my left side when I return... can't lay the same way in a row.

    I wont bore you with the rest...

    Oh wait, the worst one - little background noises, like creaks or drips, etc.. drives me absolutely crazy. I have to find out what it is and make it stop.

  7. I hate dirty feet.

    I have to wash them multiple times a day and most certainly before bed. Always.

  8. quirk is my middle name!
    i need to have an even number of cheez-its when i eat them. I also sort them out into sets of two.
    I am obsessed with organizing my closet, my shoes in particular. my pantry is organized by size and has a "system" known only to me.
    and I have to flip through my magazine once before reading anything and usually start reading it back to front.
    hows that for quirky?
    oh and I get the rubber band thing. I used to have one but it snapped. sad face.

  9. oh, i love this! (and i'm with you about blogging... i love it so much, but i just can't figure it out some times. one day, i will have a ton of comments, but the posts i pour my heart and soul into: crickets. ah well.)

    as for quirks, i dunk my cookies in water because i don't like milk. i can't stand repetitive noises/words (bueller... bueller... bueller). i have been known to snort when i laugh. and i slept with a stuffed animal until my first night as a married woman.

    oh wow.

  10. I can't walk barefoot in the house. If I step on a crumb or something. Ugh! No matter what bed we sleep in I have to sleep on the side closest to the door. Hmmm, I'm sure there are a lot more....
    What a fun post!

  11. I also love to throw out mostly-used boxes/jars of food. If I think its too much to throw away, I sadly put it back, waiting expectantly for another week until its "too old to use" and I feel justified in throwing it away.

    I've put my face inside of a bowl to lick the lasts of cake/brownie batter. On multiple occasions.

    I like to iron, as long as its an easy-to-iron item, such as pillow cases or mens shirts.

  12. mine consist of:
    1. re-organizing the dishwasher all the time because i don't like the way my roommates do it
    2. bed must be made in the morning, i don't understand how people leave without doing it
    3. i keep a cup of water beside my bed every night, even if i don't drink the water

    those are just to name a few!

  13. i hear ya on the nearly empty stuff!

    i will spare you, and just mention one of my hundred quirks. i cannot eat leftovers. at all. ever. with the exception of cupcakes.


  14. hahahaha...quirks? Where does one begin! One of my biggest, is cleaning. Generally speaking, I don't do it. Thankfully, my hubby has allocated himself as said housekeeper. Until that moment, when something seems just a little off, then I clean like a half crazed person. We're talking toothbrush to the walls kind of clean...it really is quite scary when it happens! :)

  15. this is a GREAT post! like many have said already, i have many...but here are a few:

    i can not stand it if the bathroom mat gets wet. i always put my towel down when i get out of the shower. (weirdo)

    when i clean the house i have to wear tennis shoes and usually some kind of workout gear.

    i also do not like food on my plate to touch. and when eating a weekend breakfast (ie: not cereal) i have to eat the salty things first, followed by the sweet.

    i could go on and on but i will spare you. hope your funk works itself out :).

  16. I hate socks. I only wear them with running or sneakers...which I also hate. They make my feet too hot. Maybe this explains why my feet look like they are in some need of TLC.

    I also pluck my eyebrows while sitting in the car. The light is better and it's the only place I can get close enough to the mirror to do a really good job. I sit in the driveway and do it, which looks very strange.

    I can't get dressed until my bed is made; it feels too weird to sit on the messed-up covers.

  17. Doing the laundry and all the dirty clothes are inside out, drives me ape!!

  18. Quirks?! Oh, my...

    1. I hate when I am wearing (just) socks and walk in a little bit of water on the floor. Gross.

    2. I spray the shower with bleach after every use.

    3. I can't stand little bits of cereal in boxes, sauce in jars either. Drives me nuts and like you, I hate waste, but can't stand the bits either. Dilemma!

    4. The sound of jeans when they are too long and drag on the floor. OMG! and in the same vain...people who don't pick up their feet when walking. UGH!

    That's just a few. I have A LOT of quirks. Thanks for keeping it real and making me feel normal! :)

  19. Life isn't perfect and pretty...ALL the time!! So blogs shouldn't be either (IMO!)

    I eat round things in a circle. Like hamburgers, cookies, pancakes, english muffins...I have to eat AROUND the outer edge and work inward to make the center be the last bite. HAVE TO.

    And Ditto. I totally keep a hair rubber band on my wrist at all times! Sometimes I look at pictures from weddings or formal occasions - all dressed up with a hot pink hair band on my wrist. Sheesh.

    Funk Be Gone! Hope today is a better day =)

  20. I love the stir knife thing...



  21. It's good to show the weird. Yay!
    (The plastic knife story is pretty weird... I love it!)
    I wear a hair band on my wrist almost all the time, too. My little girls think that it is jewelry, or something. They think they look so pretty when they, too, have a hair band on their own wrist.

    ErinBW, I love the car mirror for plucking, too. The best!!

  22. I can't stop buying plum lip products. I have, oh, at least twelve different shades. Dark plum, light plum, super glossy plum, matte plum, plum lipsticks, plum lip glosses, plum chap sticks, plum stains, plum lip liners...I have them all. In fact, I bought a new one for tomorrow! The weird thing is, I don't even know if I look good in plum.

    Oh, and this isn't a quirk, but it's still weird. I blush over everything, even when I am not consciously embarrassed. Mainly it's the apple of my cheeks. Sometimes my nose if things are really high stress. Sounds cute, but it's not. My cheekbones turn FUSCIA. You know that bright, bright, bright pink you see in some blush compacts, and you wonder who would ever buy them? NOT ME, I turn that color naturally. For my wedding my makeup artist had to put concealor on my cheeks and nose to try to tone it down. So when you see me tomorrow and think that I overdid it on the blush...nope!

  23. Love this post! I have too many quirks to list, but a few - I have to have the kitchen sink clean at night. I am literally disgusted if I come out in the morning and see a random plate or fork left in there. Also, when my husband is at work, I'm afraid that something under the bed will grab my feet at night (too many scary movies I guess) I brush my teeth, and then leap into bed so nothing can grab me. I'm a wacko!

  24. I am, and always will be, deathly afraid of chickens. As in I will hyperventilate if I see one. I almost swerved off a road once. It's bad. : /


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