Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Reminder

A reminder to you (well, really to myself), that the only perfect part of the first Christmas was the birth of our King.  Everything else about that night was pretty much a mess.  Over the next two days, we may still burn the pie, our royal icing cookies may not look so Martha-esque, our crazy Uncle Eddie, or in my case, crazy Cousin Tony, will still be crazy, and the kids will still bicker.  But through all the hustle and bustle that this season tends to bring, my wish for all of you this Christmas is that you're able to at least steal a kiss from your honey under the mistletoe, grab many, many hugs from your little ones, and sing a Christmas Carol or two.  Oh, and maybe have some Smog Nog as well.

Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you that read along.  And (an early) Happy Birthday Jesus! 

p.s. I've been told that I've been slacking on the fashion posts lately.  If I have time I may do a Christmas Eve Playgrounds & Lollipops.  I have a fun outfit planned for tomorrow.  Will any of you be around at all tomorrow to even see it?


  1. You are SO right... and I never thought of it that way (that every other part of that night was a mess). I'm overwhelmed with emotion today. Every little thing is making me boo hoo, so to read this post made me take a huge deep breath.



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