Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enchanting or Strange?

A few posts back I introduced you to this intriguing little girl featured in the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday windows.  Some commented that she was a little creepy, others that she was fascinating.  I myself cannot make up my mind.  Her sleepy eyes, when looking right at you are a little disarming and cause a case of the shivers to run up and down my spine.  But when covered up with rhinestone goggles, she is rather cute, with her spunky pink hair.  Come along as we join this strange little girl, obsessed with snowflakes and bubbles, the theme of this year's holiday windows, on her magical adventure.

Blowing Bubbles
Driving around in her futuristic bubble car
Braving the throws of a feisty octopus
And deep sea diving with that same temperamental octopus
Sea Captain on her maiden voyage
And conquering flying trout (I think this one was my favorite because she was so tiny in this display)
At the circus taming a rowdy elephant
Getting swept away by a huge net of bubbles
And finally, capturing magical butterflies in the bubble forest
I don't know, this girl sure can rock a stripe like no other doll I've seen.  Lanie doesn't stand a chance when going head to head with this one.  Haunting eyes and all, I think I like her.  I just don't want to take her home with me.  I would have some serious nightmares imagining myself waking up to her standing over me with that giant net of hers.

What do you all think?


  1. hmmm...i'm going to have to go with creepy on this one. i love that pink hair, but those eyes? the stuff nightmares are made of!

  2. Creepy. I don't care what she looks like in stripes... she is about as creepy as creepy can get.

    Chucky looked good in stripes too, and we all know what HE was capable of! ;o)

  3. Okay Sugar Mama, I'll hand it to you, the Chucky thing is making me rethink this one. I completely forgot that Chucky was a stripe wearer too.

  4. Oh I sort of like her now - I like the bubble car for sure! Don't go trash talking Lanie, you are bound to get kicked in the shins :)

  5. A little creepy but cool too! Sort of like Coraline (the movie). It had the same effect.

  6. M-not trash talking Lanie, she's cute and all. But c'mon now, Bubble girl has that sophisticated Upper West Side style going on, whereas Lanie is so very girl next door Americana cute :) Totally different, but in the style category, I'd say bubble girl would win any day.
    Shelly - yes, very Coraline-esque!

  7. I'm totally finding the doll creepy.. although Im not really one for dolls to begin with

  8. I was liking her, but then I saw the Chucky comment and it brought back too many bad memories. Dislike.

  9. not creepy , but disturbing!
    remember, freddy kruger also wore stripes too!

  10. do you really have to ask?

    totally "children of the corn" creepy.



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