Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 2011: Buy Less, Give More - One Warm Coat Drive

Remember when I said a couple posts back that the One Warm Coat drive was going great?  Well, I thought I'd just show you a little peek at what our guest bedroom currently looks like.  I have lost count of how many coats we've gathered at this point.  Nicole has just as many, if not more at her house.  I am simply overjoyed.
And it's not just the results that have me in awe, but the spirit of community that has surrounded with this one simple project.  I sent out a mass email to friends, and then they forwarded it on.  I posted a link on Facebook, and within hours other friends are sharing links and complete strangers are commenting and telling their friend they'll drop off some coats this week.  I've got coats coming in from Syd's preschool, Taylor's Kindergarten classmates, workmates, friends and family.  It is just awesome.  It's also almost shameful how easy this project has been.  You can visit the site here and learn how you can organize a coat drive in your town.

In other related news, the budget is going fine.  I took a trip to Michael's to get a few Valentine's Day craft supplies and paid with cash, staying well within my budget.  Then I came home Saturday night and visited Flower Patch Farmgirl and saw this heart garland
Ridiculous right?  The hearts are made of sheets from a catalog.  Genius.

And so if I was going to go out and blow my craft supply budget on a heart paper punch, I better get some use out of it.  Luckily Shannan also made a book wreath using that same punch last year, so now I've just about recouped my costs of that heart paper punch when you factor in what it would cost to buy some garland and a wreath.  It's almost a no-brainer right?
 both images from Flower Patch Farmgirl
So back to Michael's I went to buy that punch and the Styrofoam wreath, armed with two 40% off coupons in hand.  I am now $8 over my $20 craft budget for the month.  Thanks a lot Flower Patch Farmgirl with your inexplicable love for Valentine's Day crafts and cute heart paper punch.  I will now have to cut back in other areas this month to make my overall goal.

That's okay though.  It's going to take a lot of punching to get all those hearts.  Perfect excuse to sit my butt down on the coach and eat chips and watch Conan. 

Are you all making anything sweet for V-Day?

Goodnight all, off to punch and laugh I go.

p.s. A huge thank you to all of you that took the time to leave a comment with some feedback and/or advice, or simply just some encouragement on where to take Playgrounds & Lollipops.  I am working on responding to your comments via email, as well as dreaming up some new posts, and possibly a new series.  Think 'Feel Good, Look Good' type of content. I have so many ideas swirling in my head, but I just need a couple of weeks to get organized and think things through.  I am excited, but don't want to disappoint!  Stay tuned...


  1. What pretty things! Great job on the coat drive, too - very cool.

  2. Such cute ideas! I think I will head over to Michaels and use my gift certificate I got from my Secret Santa and get a large heart hole punch. SO FUN!

    Yes - I have A LOT of bags and boxes of coats! People have been very generous. Lets talk about how I should plan to get them to you.

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Just sent you and Nicole a note in case I can help with transferring coats from her to you! Let me know...

  4. LOVE that wreath. Worth going over budget.

  5. I'm loving these crafts and I'm pretty sure I need a heart craft punch.

  6. Loving the heart wreath. Looks pretty simple.

  7. Uh, how did I miss this??? Thanks, g-homey!!

    I love that you love V-day as much as I do. *Maybe* as much. Cause I do love it an awful lot!

    ps - You did the crayon thing, too? Great minds, indeed!

    pss - You're rocking that budget. I need to do a big budget update, too.


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