Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Is the Day

This morning I woke up thinking "This is the day."
This is the day to start the organization of the last 2 years of photos.
It's a process that as of 1/1/2011 I am officially 2 years behind on.
And the kids are starting to notice that the photo albums aren't changing and they are forever stuck being 3 and 1

So I will stick to the important posts about the project and maybe to say hi.
But other than that the next couple of weeks my computer time will be focused on sifting through photos, editing and deleting and then printing up hundreds of photos to fill our 2009 and 2010 photo albums.
I have 24 months to go through, so I figure 1 month a day...approximately.
We'll see.

Wish me luck!
I'm excited.  Not Really.  Okay maybe a little.
(circa September 2009)


  1. So in the same boat!! My 3 yr old doesn't even have an album and our pictures are in boxes, piles and 2 separate laptops (one that barely turns on) needless to say, I'm overwhelmed at the task... But I just need to do it. Maybe I'll join you? :). Good luck!

  2. I am in the same boat...it's overwhelming. But the picture you posted is too cute!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Ugh that's one of those things that gets shoved to the very end of my to do list. I am thankful for a MIL who always has a camera ready. I 'make-up' for it, by trying to create a photo book for big things like vacays and mission trips.

    Your littles are TOO stinking cute in this pic! And I {heart} your lamps in the background, too!


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