Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The first grouping of comments weighing in on whether we should repaint or leave were a firm "leave".  But it just took one brave soul, Leslie, to turn the tide and speak up with a resounding "REPAINT", and the rest followed suit.  Deep down I knew it would drive me crazy having the lighter color.  Not that it looked bad, it was actually quite a nice shade of gray, but it was not what I had envisioned.  And you know, once you get something stuck in your head it is hard pressed to leave.

Art was more than willing to repaint the boards since he hadn't hung them yet (plus, if you recall, he talked me out of going darker in the first place), and since there wasn't even a half gallon of the lighter gray left to tint darker, we went to Lowe's and got a lower end brand of paint to save some money. 

At the end I went about 3 whole shades darker on the color spectrum and the results are what I originally had in mind.  A saturated gray that still reflects some light and is not so dark that it is cavernous.  It's part steel gray, part gunmetal gray, and fits in perfectly with the space theme. 
We still need to hang pictures and all that jazz, but I at least wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse into how it turned  out.  Thanks to all of you that chimed in and voiced your opinion.  It was fun reading all the comments, and even Art was checking in throughout the day from work.  My blog usually doesn't garner that much attention from him so it was funny to hear that he had been following the comment stream all day.
Here is a detail shot of just the paneling, chair rail and baseboard.  He did nice work, and all by himself mind you.  When we hung paneling in Taylor's room I did a great deal of the painting, so he was brave to single-handedly take on this job.
 Look at how clean the lines are here.  Nice work Art!  The hanging of the paneling, chair rail, base board and casings took an entire day.  Then the caulking, filling and touch-up painting took another whole day.
"Hey mom, get outta heeerre!  Don't take a pitcher!"
"You can't see me!!!"
I'm outta here
 Where did he go???
The only shred of evidence is a filthy blankie, and Woody, who would never rat out his best buddy.

p.s. I leave on a jet plane today for Nu Yawk City.  Art and the kids are meeting me out there on Thursday and we're staying through the weekend, where we will subsequently freeze our butts off and hopefully won't get frostbite.   I get back on Sunday, and then I turn around for an overnight trip to Dallas on Monday.  A couple of very wonderful bloggers agreed to guest post for me while I'm gone.  Please say hi if you can!


  1. SO cute! I love the end result :D Good luck on your travels...stay WARM!

  2. Travel safely! Please give New York City a great big hug from this non traveling Midwest small town dweller. ;o)

  3. It really looks so great! And how cool is it that your kids and hubby get to join you in NY?!

  4. it looks great! and Syd is so darn cute!

  5. i said leave it… glad you didn't listen to me. looks way better dark. way better.
    love woody and buzz. a guy's best friends.
    have fun in NYC. stay warm!

  6. The room looks great. Just had Charlie's room repainted gray yesterday. He's got a robot theme.
    And, you will NOT get frostbite if skin is exposed for 10 seconds. Maybe in Minnesota or something, but not NYC. You'll be protected from the wind by all of the buildings and probably won't be outside all that much.
    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

  7. Yay! The contrast is so much better and the room turned out great! My fav is the orange with it. We totally know how much work that all is. Great job to complete in the weekend!! I'm sure your camera-shy little man FULLY appreciates your pains to turn his room into awesome. RIGHT!

  8. it does look great - have a great trip!

  9. This looks great! The contrast is definitely better than the original. Also: wonderful inspiration for a cool little boys room that'll grow with him!

  10. I read your blog and comments more often then you might think. I just can't always be leaving my biased comments all the time. Room look great even from up here at 36K feet!



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