Friday, July 6, 2012

B3 Countdown - 32 Weeks

I turned 32 weeks yesterday and now, the countdown is on.  I can't believe how fast it's going.  Someone said to me yesterday in response to how much farther I have to go, "Oh wow!  That's no time at all!"  I quickly replied back, "yes, it is!  I still have a ways to go."  Denial much??
As we near the home stretch, my latest pregnancy symptom has hit me: snoring.  I am not a snorer, never have been before anyhow.  But the last few days apparently I've been snoring so loud that I'm shaking the bead, according to Art.  He's slept out on the couch this whole week.  Other than that, my sleep has been crap, having odd wake and sleep times.  Last night for instance I feel asleep at 9 pm, then was up from 10:30-midnight, then up again at 5:45 am.  My body can't make heads or tails of what's going on and not getting a solid 6-7 hour stretch of sleep in a row has been hard, but I'm surviving.  Considering that others ahve it much worse all throughout pregnancy, I'll take what I have and tyr not to complain too much about it ;)

With 8 weeks to go I'm starting to try and get things in order because time really does fly, especially when the kids only have a short summer break (they go back August 8th), and 8 weeks could turn out to be 6 weeks.  I thought I'd post a weekly countdown for the remainder of my pregnancy, accompanied by my to-do list as a way to sort of freak me out and hold myself accountable.  Double indemnity is what they call that right?  So this next week, here's what I'd like to get accomplished as the B3 Countdown begins:
  • Start construction on babies room (I really won't be doing this, the construction crews will, but you know, it takes a village)
  • Meet with cabinet guy/finalize cabinet design
  • Order baby quilt from Etsy, lamp, rocker and prints (see my choices here).  My sister told me the other day to stay away from the baby monkey print because it looked like a deranged monkey escaped from the lab, and she's kinda right.  Leave it to sisters to tell you the truth.
  • Call doula to talk about placenta encapsulation (I'm going for it)
  • Review baby registry list after my shower on Sunday and assess the holes and what needs to be purchased still
  • Clean out kids rooms while they're away at camp
The list seems ambitious, but it's the only week I have both kids at a summer camp for 6 hours and I have to try to make the most of it.  Wish me luck that I get through at least half the list.

You may have noticed the cute countdown tee I'm wearing in this picture.  My friend Miranda sent it to me a few weeks after I announced my pregnancy and it is so comfortable and has helped my forgetful brain remember which week I'm in ;)  Today she's giving one away to one of you!  Save it for yourself or give it to a pregnant girlfriend.  Here's what Miranda says about the Project Countdown tee she created:

I created this maternity calendar when I was pregnant with my second little boy and took photos documenting the growing baby bump. I called the series Project Baby , and thus the shirt was born.
This grey and white striped American Apparel tunic is soft, comfy, and stretchy! Order your pre-pregnancy size (or one up if you're worried) and it will grow with you. See size chart here and Miranda's shop here.  The black numbers are hand screen-printed so there may be slight variations in ink and alignment.  The shirt also comes complete with a red fabric pen for crossing off those weeks as they fly by.
Miranda is giving away one Project Baby tee in any size to one reader.  To enter please leave a comment telling us your craziest/worst/weirdest pregnancy symptom you ever had.  Additional entries may be achieved by liking Miranda's Facebook page, and by liking the Four Flights of Fancy facebook page


  1. After my second baby I haven't been able to eat cake. Seriously, the taste makes me gag... Weird enough?? Now if only our last will cure me of all sweets :) Baby 3 isn't on the way yet, but it will be the finale and why not go out with a bang in this cute T??

  2. Liked Four Flights of Fancy on Facebook!

  3. Liked One Little Minute on Facebook :)

  4. I would love one... today! I am currently 17 weeks and so far my cravings have been crazy. My favorite and weirdest so far has been toast with mustard. YUM!!

  5. So, I'm not one that throws up very often. In fact, I prefer to talk myself into making it come out the other end rather than puke! There is nothing worse in my mind! So when I was about 10 weeks along our shower started to clog and I kept forgetting to get some Drano. So a few days into the clog I was showering and felt that unwelcome morning sickness creeping in. I was trying so hard not to puke, willing myself not to puke when suddenly, I couldn't keep it in and I puked right into the 4 inches of water that I was standing in. This, of course, was quite for sure the sickest thing in my mind that I puked again, and again, and again. 4 times I puked!!! All while standing in it. Crying and grossed out I got myself out of the shower. When I told my husband all he could do was laugh, which made me cry harder. However, I did learn a very effective way at getting a shower unclogged - stomach bile! Yep! I didn't need to get that Drano after all!!

  6. Liked One Little Minute on FB.

  7. I don't need a t-shirt (sniff) but I did want to commiserate with you on the snoring. I had that with Mikey, and thankfully it went away. The sleep apnea I got with Nico (we think) and I don't know if that's gone away. I'd have to get another sleep study, which is a total PIA.

  8. Hmm, weirdeset prego symptom. Well, I I had a baby in May, so right now I am caring for a newborn, and I am convinced it does kill brain cells. So, I cannot remember any weird prgo symptoms. This should count, bc I am dealing with major lack of sleep.

  9. Liked Four Flights of Fancy fc page

  10. considering i haven't been pregnant, i'll just tell you one of my friend's stories: she CRAVES McDonalds (and wouldn't touch a Mc Chicken with a 10 foot pole when she's not pregnant)!

    p.s. but my hubby and i plan on having kids so i could still use the shirt!!! :)


  11. #1 - that shirt is awesome but I don't want it (we are DONE!), so if I win please pick someone else
    #2 - my worst symptom during pregnancy was being the meanest woman alive during my second pregnancy (no really, my husband offered me a vasectomy or a divorce after my son was born and my best friend told me it was a miracle that we are still friends)
    #3 - good for you on trying the placenta encapsulation

  12. I craved cottage cheese and watermelon my whole pregnancy. Ick! And I'd have to share this tee with my sis-n-law, who's expecting--but I think she'd love it!

  13. The smell of hamburger meat made the room spin within one whiff. I also never ate cheese or hot sauce in my entire life before I was pregnant. Now, I'm a fan!


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