Monday, July 30, 2012

Just These Two

When I became pregnant with Syd, Taylor was just 18 months old. By the time he was born she was 25 months old and was the most delightful little toddler a mom could ask for.  I've said before that I felt an ache of sadness for her when Syd was born, that she was no longer our main focus of attention.  Within a few short weeks she and we adjusted as well as can be expected and really, she doesn't even remember a life without Syd.

It's different this time though.  They've been our everything for the past 5 years, and sure they are ridiculously excited for their new baby brother or sister, but I can't help feeling a bit sad again.  For surely they have no idea how crazy and upside down a house can be turned by a newborn.  At least I remember it being crazy.  Maybe this time since I'm a little older and wiser, I'll adjust better, we'll adjust better.  But this past weekend I couldn't help feel a bit weepy for them.  That pretty soon it won't be just these 2 anymore. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm excited and I know we'll all love this little baby like it's always been a part of our family, but there's just something about the last few weeks of pregnancy that make you want to hold your guys a bit tighter.  Make sure they know how much you love them. 
So I did a lot of that on Saturday.  We spent about 4 hours in the pool and stayed up late watching the Olympics.  And on Sunday I rested my poor elephant feet while Art took the kids to the OC Fair all day.  I missed them but it was good for him to spend some one on one time with them.  Dad is their favorite for sure, made especially true by the fact they convinced him to win a goldfish.  That would have never happened with me.  I would have thrown the game on purpose.  
The countdown is on guys, and I'm nervous and excited.  I've told you about my biggest fear of all, and I'm just praying that it doesn't end up being as bad as before.  Either way I know we'll make it out on the other side just fine and this new life is going to complete this little family of ours.  As much as I'm scared, I also can't wait.


  1. I remember having those exact same feelings earlier this year. You all will adjust and it will be crazy for a bit but it will be a good crazy.
    It's amazing how we think our lives are complete and then we add another human to the mix and wonder how we lived without them for so long.
    enjoy each other every day!

  2. looks like an awesome time with your kiddos... i tend to want to take them one at a time and savor their little personalities before we get crazy with a new baby!

  3. i am sure that you are going to rock this mama of three thing!!

    i was curious have you decided on a name for baby- since you don't know if its a boy or girl... do you have one picked out for each or what? im not asking you tell the names (unless you want to ;) ha) just curious how you're going about it?

  4. I am [truly] praying for you, Andrea. You come armed with many different options this time around...I'm sure it will be much, much better!


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