Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June Lake

We took our last little family vacation before baby comes last week.  As I mentioned before, we traveled about 6 hours by car up to June Lake, a little mountain town located in the Sierra Mountains off HWY 395.  At 35 weeks pregnant, it wasn't the most physically relaxing of trips we could have taken, but if I were to choose between being at a beautiful hotel and trying to keep two high energy kids occupied, or staying in a cabin and letting the kids run around outside, well you obviously know which one I chose.  Plus we got to teach the kids how to fish!  I betcha you didn't take me as a fisherman?
I've lived in California my whole life and after a while you know which places tend to get the most road trip action by your fellow friends and family.  Mammoth, Arrowhead, Tahoe, Bass Lake are the usual retreats when people want to go to the mountains.  But I'm telling you June Lake is where it's at.

It's mountain surroundings more resemble Yosemite, making it more beautiful than it's neighboring Mammoth, in my humble opinion.  There are several lakes in the June Lake Loop to choose from, so you have your choice between small and little lakes, forested or desert surroundings, peaceful and tranquil or fun and frequented.  Although the real reason I started going to June Lake when I was a kid is because my parents are cheap.  And June Lake has lots of options for el cheapos!
Being 35 weeks pregnant I did want to have some comforts and told my parents we weren't staying in the $90/night 300 foot cabin we used to stay in when I was a kid.  We hardly ever vacation so when we do I want to feel comfortable.  Not spoiled, just comfortable.  So we splurged a bit and stayed at the Double Eagle Resort, because it's 1 of 2 places in all of June Lake that has a pool and because the cabins were in good shape and clean.  There was also a restaurant on site that we could eat at if I didn't feel like cooking, although we never ended up eating at it.  
The grounds of the resort (and we use the term resort loosely here), had beautiful hiking trails right outside our door, and a little stream the kids could play at while we were preparing meals.  I love sending kids outside to play and them having enough to interest them and keep them happy that they don't complain.  Isn't that the best?
There was also a small little pond on site, and an amazing indoor pool and spa with huge windows to enjoy the scenery. We swam almost every day for a brief bit of time.
This was our cabin.  Isn't it cute?  There was a nice patio set and BBQ right outside.  It slept all 6 of us comfortably with 2 bedrooms and a bath.
Every lake in the loop allows fishing, and most also allow boats.  We always hit up June Lake, Grant Lake and we found Lundy Lake for the first time.  We've tried Silver Lake in the past but usually have had the best luck at Grant Lake (pictured above and below).  The scenery isn't the prettiest, more resembling desert than forest, but it's a huge lake and we usually do well there.  
Another guest at the resort recommended Lundy Lake (pictured below) this time though so we tried it out for the first time and we actually were pleasantly surprised.  It's a beautiful little lake nestled in a canyon about 15 minutes away from the June Lake Loop, and both kids caught their fish here. 
We didn't fish on June Lake this time, but we did go swimming there on our last day.  It's the most gorgeous of all the lakes in the loop and has the perfect little beach on the South side that is really easy to access.  Taylor jumped off this rock in the middle of the lake. 
 Syd was not into the cold water so played on the sand instead.
Truth be told, I think all the hiking around last week took a toll on my that I still feel like I haven't recovered from.  I've been tired ever since, but it was worth it.  I think the kids will really remember this trip and their first catch.  
Let me know if you have any questions about our trip and the area surrounding June Lake.  It's a big circle and it's all pretty self explanatory while you're there, but if you need any suggestions on accommodations I can help!  As far as things to do, it's a fishing town, but there's still plenty to do if you don't fish.  Hiking, mountain biking, visiting Mono Lake and nearby ghost towns, Devils' Postpile in Mammoth (it's only 20 minutes away), and just relaxing too.  


  1. i wish we could've done that... travel restrictions stink!

  2. Oh, this looks beautiful! I think we are going to have to go there next summer! For the last 3 years we have rented a house and have gone down to SD for a week vacation during the summer, but we want to change things up next year and rent a lake house. This looks perfect and the distance is perfect! I will be definitely be talking to you for recommendations.

  3. This looks lovely! Since we're in northern California, Tahoe tends to be the big draw, but I have family on the north end of 395 (closer to Carson City), and I've always wanted to see further south. Thanks for the tips! It looked like a lovely family vacation.

  4. What a beautiful place and what's wonderful is you don't have to go too far away to enjoy. That is one of the things I love about CA.
    And, you look beautiful!

  5. so you're the pregnant gal that i like to hate. The one who looks super fabulous and adorable. The one who looks like the fake pregnant girls in movies. But I just can't hate you, cuz i love you too much. So bottom line: you look fabulous!

  6. I love your photos of the area. One of our most romantic getaways was a spring trip with tons of snow that we spent for a few days in a tiny cabin at nearby Convict Lake. Love those Sierra lakes!

  7. Wow! Looks like a great vacation! I have never been anywhere in California. It looks so pretty there. My husband used to live there and I've begged him for years to take us there on vacation. If he ever does I def want to check out some of the lakes. This one looks so nice!


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