Friday, August 24, 2012

Ain't Nature A Trip?

Wednesday morning while the kids were at school I wrote.  I wrote the entire morning and it felt good to get all my posts out of the way for Disney so that I could relax the rest of the month.  The writing came easy to me and it flowed, which is always a nice thing.  I got 5 posts written, one of them being about how I was putting my feet down (or up rather), and Saying No To Nesting and instead resting.  I felt that way on Wednesday and turned a blind eye to my list of "nesting projects" I had put together weeks prior.

That night, I felt funny all night.  I just felt weird.  I woke up Thursday morning and realized I had lost my mucus plug.  A sign for me, that labor was soon upon me within a matter of days.  Anyone else know when they lost their mucus plug by the way?  I'm the only one in my circle of friends that has been able to tell with both pregnancies when this happened.  Mucus plug, sounds so gross too right?

Anyhow, after we got the kids off to school I had a freak out moment of epic proportions and told Art we were in no way ready for this baby.  The house was a mess, the pack n play or crib weren't set up, there were no groceries in the house and my freaking bag wasn't even packed!  I was about as hysterical as I get.  I decided the only reasonable thing to do was call my mom.  She talked me down from the ledge and agreed to come over for a couple of hours in the morning before she went to my sister's house to celebrate her birthday with her.

And so against my previous convictions and statements, I nested the hell out of this house.  I cleaned out all of my makeup supplies and toiletries, and tossed what I didn't need or want, including all those samples you collect over the years.  I washed my makeup brushes too.  I cleaned out my night stand and threw tons of old magazines away, I cleaned out my desk drawer and the freezer, fridge and pantry (with my mom's help), and she helped me tackle the grocery list.  I cleaned out my purse and wallet, throwing away or filing old receipts and such.  I went through the mail and all the kid's school paperwork and filed accordingly.

I even vacuumed out the tracks for the sliding doors and washed them down with soapy water.  They were disgusting.  Because you know, clean sliding door tracks are an essential part of bringing a newborn baby home.

So against any desire I had on my own, nature truly took over and made me clean like a freak yesterday.  I'm exhausted today, but did manage to gas up the car just in case, and get it washed.  Because clean baby must come home in a clean car, right?  Nature sure is a trip, ain't it?

Wish me luck guys!  I hope this baby comes this weekend, because me and this house are ready to meet our newest member.  I'll be sure to fill you guys in on any action that may occur first via Instagram (I'm @fourflights).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I lost mine the day before I had my son. And I too nested the heck out of my house. I just HAD to clean my make-up brushes and organize my bathroom...because that is absolutely essential to a newborn's well being. LOL! Good luck! Prayers for a smooth delivery!

  2. Aah! I'm so excited for you! High five for planning on relaxing, and double high five for letting your nesting instinct take course. Those sliding door tracks won't make an ounce of difference for the baby, but I that put you at ease, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of preparation. And that's important! I can't wait to hear how everything goes, and if I should send a hair bow, or a bow tie to welcome the newest Howe. Good luck honey!!

  3. I love this! I did all kinds of crazy nesting before I had Carson! Including finishing some subway art and insisting my husband hang it before we leave, several loads of laundry and deep cleaning my whole bathroom!
    Funny how our natural instincts take over in the end and we have no choice but to give into them!
    good luck!

  4. Lost some of mine a few days before than the morning of I lost the rest.. Hard not to notice it was a big ball of snotty goop coming out of my hoo-haa :)

    I did all kinda of nesting too a week before she came.. than I had to rest like crazy. hard nesting with a big ole belly in the way - i wish nesting would kick in earlier haha

  5. How exciting... any day! I didn't really have a chance to do any crazy nesting before London was born because I went in for a NST 3 weeks before my due date and ended up being induced that day for low fluid! Luckily the room was set up, the car seat was installed and my bag was packed (just a day or two prior)! I kinda wish I had deep-cleaned my house because that certainly didn't happen for a while after she was born!

  6. oh my gosh you sound exactly like me :) hope baby comes soon for you. i still have 10 more days :/ my van had to be towed yesterday and for 26 miles i was secretly hoping my water would break in the tow truck so i could go even earlier than scheduled :) it didn't happen. i may have peed in his truck though!?

  7. You are cracking me up! Im totally envisioning the meltdown followed by intense efficiency. Love it. The anticipation builds!!

  8. I didn't lose my mucus plug ahead of time with my first since she had to be induced at 2 weeks overdue, but I lost it 2 days before going into labor with my second.

  9. I just love this post! While we haven't had any babies (yet), I love hearing nesting stories and the things that our bodies are so determined need to be cleaned. My girlfriend cleaned and vacuumed her closet all the time during her first pregnancy. As if a clean closet floor helped when the baby came home :) Can't wait to see l&d posts and pictures of your cute #3.

  10. oh gosh girl - good luck that baby is a COMING!

  11. How exciting! Nesting is the craziest thing though... I remember the morning I went into labor with my oldest, I *HAD* to scrub the baseboards in my guest bathroom! Wishing you the best!
    Happy Day!

  12. That is awesome!! You'll be so glad you did all that. :) I am so so so excited for you!


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