Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tears and Onions

Hello friends.  It's been so long, about a week now, right?
I just wanted to do a little touch base to say hi and thank you for all of your sweet comments and support last week when I wrote this post.  I am sorry I haven't had a chance to respond individually to your comments like I normally try to do, but I have just been trying to use all of my precious moments to spend with my family.
The week ended nicely, with a little weekend getaway at a local hotel with my brother and his family.  We all had a wonderful time and I stayed in denial that I was going back to work until about 9pm on Sunday night.

I must say that the anticipation leading up to starting work was just about the toughest thing.  I officially started yesterday, and although it has been hard, I can see how we will make it through this adjustment.  My mom is a saint and has been so supportive this week.  I thank God I have her and my dad.  My father in law had cataracts surgery today, which left my mother in law unable to watch the kids this week at all (she will take 2 days and my mom takes 2 days, with our great sitter Marin taking Fridays).  Anyhow, my mom has stepped in to help this week transition smoothly.

Poor Syd came down with a cold last week that he wasn't able to kick, which included a nasty cough.  Finally this morning Art called and made an appointment for him to go in and sure enough, he needed an Albuterol breathing treatment.  Art has been very supportive so far, and has really stepped it up.

Within hours of starting the job, the CEO pulled me into his office and asked if I would be interested in a different role.  Actually the same role, but for a different account, which would mean no travel at all.  As much as I was looking forward to visiting NYC again, and taking the family with me occasionally, I knew at the end of the day it would be so much easier on all of us if I took that option, so I did.  Ha, changes already after only 1 day!

I got my yogurt stolen out of the community fridge on my first day.
But then I got to pick out my clothing allowance, so that made the tragic loss of my yogurt an easier burden to bear.  This is one of the first things I ordered.

I did want to share with you a little something I made last week.  I was feeling quite melancholy all week long, so on Thursday I decided a little home cooking was in order.  We have been receiving 3-5 lb. Maui onions from our CSA box every week, and I was beginning to wonder what in the world to do with them all.  My mom suggested onion rings, so I started a little search, and discovered this delightful food blog written by an 18 year recent High School graduate.  I tried out his recipe and it was amazing.  I don't feel right re-posting his recipe, but would rather include the link so you have to go and have a look at his great blog for yourself.

So I greeted Art with a face covered in tears and flour, wearing my favorite vintage apron, holding a plate of onion rings, his favorite guilty pleasure.  Not pictured above, but also on the menu, a beautiful filet mignon and slices of a yellow crimson watermelon so sweet it makes your mouth water.  When I popped one in his mouth his eyes lit up and he said "Where did you get these from?!?" 
A note on the recipe, it calls for a quart of oil, and by golly, you will need a quart.  I know, it makes you shudder to think about it, but trust me, these are worth the grease and oil and guilt.  I also did not have garlic salt, only garlic powder, so I just added some sea salt to the mix and it was just fine.  My friend Ali, whose husband is from Memphis and loves to fry up a thing or two, also advised me to strain the oil and pour it back into the container so you can use it next time.  I wished I would have known that beforehand because I would have saved myself at least $10 in peanut oil.

In other news, I am working with a blog designer to revamp my little corner of the blog world here.  I am excited about some of the new things I want to showcase here, but it will take some time.  I think I will be focusing pretty much on the designing aspect for the next week or two, so posts may continue to be a bit sporadic.  I plan to do some giveaways with the launch of the new blog, so please continue to check in and maybe even say "hi!"

In the meantime, wishing you all a pleasant end to summer, only a couple of weeks left right, and sweet dreams.


  1. i'm so glad to hear that the transition is going well. i was thinking of you and hoping things were going well. and what a blessing to be given the chance to have a role with a little less travel, at least for now. sounds like a little answer to an unasked prayer.

    that blog looks awesome and looks like a great place for me to get recipes while i try to learn about cooking. thanks for the link!

    can't wait to see your redesign!
    wishing you a happy day, friend. :)

  2. I've been thinking about your transition and how it looks so similar to one I'm experiencing in my life right now. I've chosen to attend graduate school, and although I don't have any kids, I do have a husband, and I don't want this dream of mine to add pressure or stress to our young marriage. I've enjoyed hearing about your own struggles through this journey, and I can't wait to see how God answers both of our prayers!


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