Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What We Did

Tomorrow is the big day.
I feel like we've been leading up to this day for weeks now.
We made the summer list (which I will reveal tomorrow), strategically planning out our weeks' events in order to maximize fun time and squeeze as much kid loving summer goodness in as possible.
We conquered summer like true bad a$$es if I do say so myself.

So came today, and I pondered, do we go out with a bang and do one last big hoorah?  Perhaps go to the beach one more time?  Go visit a museum?  Or do we keep it simple and mellow?  Keep in mind that by now I am emotionally and physically spent from the challenge of making this summer, the summer before my first born child enters Kindergarten, a summer to remember. 
I opted to the advice of Facebook, which tells you the state of my mental faculties at this point.  I asked my friends, do we make the day grand, or do we chill?  By overwhelming majority, the answer was a resounding "Keep it chill"
So aside from a scheduled haircut, we decided to see where the day took us, and this is where we went...

we loved on Maddie
we took pictures of mommy in her robe eating her Nutella & toast
we made silly faces & told knock-knock jokes
we played Mr. Potato Head, Star Wars Edition, and I started crying when I snapped this picture of Taylor and Sydney playing together.  No, this is not the last time they will ever play together on the floor in their pj's.  But going forward it will be limited to vacations and weekends.  For some reason this just really made me sad.  I think Syd is going to have a hard time with this transition...he's really going to miss her.

we visited daddy's new office and modeled our new Twinkle Toes shoes for everyone
daddy gave them horsey rides until they were dizzy
we went to the bank and got blue lollipops
we got our hair cuts, but first stopped at Sweet & Saucy Shop for some cake pops
we came home and realized it was time to go across the street to the school and find out 
taylor's room assignment for the year.  She will be in Room 30 with Miss Peel
have I mentioned before that we live right across the street from the school?  like literally we walk out the door, cross the street and we are at the Kindergarten classrooms.  When we bought the house we thought how amazing it was going to be to walk the kids across the street, and how comforting for them to know their home is so close they could see the front door.  Genius right?  
Well yesterday Taylor says "I love that we live across the street from my school because if I don't like it I can just walk right out of the classroom and come home."  
Fantastic, I can see it now.  Principal calls me at work to tell me my daughter has gone AWOL on Kindergarten.   

I have been dreading tomorrow for months now.  I can be brought to tears just thinking about Taylor starting Kindergarten.  Art said the other day "I don't mean to sound insensitive, but why are you so upset about her starting Kindergarten?"  I can't explain it.  I have these reasons all jumbled up in my head and every time I try to explain it, I just sound silly.  So I will not attempt to write it here.  I just feel what I feel and that's that.

Wish us all luck tomorrow please.  I think the person that's gonna need it the most is Miss Peel.  I hope she has tissues.


  1. here is the beginning of her school career.....spoken from a lady with 3 teenagers, each year brings it's own set of worries, joys, sadness and happiness...enjoy the early years....these kids all grow up too fast....your day looked fun but still busy. Loved your photos telling of your day. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I am sure you will post pics of the big day.

  2. No need to explain the feeling...I get the same one just reading about your day and thinking of Myles begininng his adventure next month. I am scared sh@*less, frankly, and am happy to know I am in good company! Bring tissue and your camera and enjoy your moment!

  3. Andrea, I spent the summer making sure Mia has had the most fun a little girl can. She starts kindergarten Monday! I too can not explain my feelings. I guess it is knowing that she is growing up. Until this point I guess I could look over how big she was getting because we had endless playtime. I find comfort in the fact that I teach at the school she will be going but it doesn't make it easier. Good luck and let the tears flow. She only goes to kindergarten once!

  4. Andrea,
    A big shout to Taylor for an amazing first day of Kindergarten, a huge milestone moment and the start of a great beginning. I truly know how you feel. We have one month left before KG and are working towards completing our summer adventure list as well and want to squeeze in a mini-vacation as well before school starts. Good luck!

  5. Great post mama! Hoping all is going well as it's already 11:25 on Wed morning?!?!

  6. I hope that you haven't been crying too much today! I know exactly what you are going though. Next Wednesday, I will be sending my baby off to Kindergarten.

  7. what a fun day before Kindergarten! I can't wait to hear how it went. I'll be doing the same thing in a few weeks with my BABY. Makes me feel old :)

  8. It's the same way I felt when 3 year old James sped down the road on his big boy bike.
    He was taking off without me and it made me think that this is only the beginning.
    Parenting is bittersweet.
    I know it is hard. You will both be OK, but it is also OK for it to be hard right now.
    Love from,

  9. The 1st day of big kid school is overwhelming. I can't wait to hear how it went for her...and for YOU. : ) Best wishes as you embrace this new life chapter.

  10. I can't wait for the update. I will be doing the Kindergarten routine with N in a few weeks. I need to get those cupcakes. like now. Also, I noticed you are recovering your chairs in your dining room. I almost bought that same material. Love the greens! Tell us more, please. Let's get together when life slows a bit. Wait, when will that be, right? But, let's do it. xoxo

  11. Looks like you went out with a bang... while still chilling :D Great photos Lady - Love the blue mouths :D

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