Monday, August 30, 2010

Making It Lovely Over the Weekend

Taylor was sick this weekend with a double ear infection, not lovely
Because of it we did have to stay home all weekend long, lovely
Which left me with some time to do some crafting, lovely

We started a redoux of Taylor's room about 3 weeks ago, by painting the walls, putting up tongue and groove wainscoting and 6 inch baseboards.  That part came out beautiful. 
But as of Friday, books had not yet been put away, pictures had not yet been rehung, and a fun little wall art project I had envisioned had not yet been completed.

I changed that this weekend though.  While Taylor and Syd napped on Saturday, I ran out to Joann's to pick up the fabric and created this fun little display.

Now friends, please pardon the pictures.  They were taken by my camera phone.  While my dear husband, who is actually the handiest man I know, can fix almost anything, he cannot fix a Canon 30D DSLR camera.  And someone besides me needs to tell him that.  I have tried, but he keeps tinkering with it, vowing to fix it himself.  Truth be told, I think he is trying to get me so frustrated with the whole shebang that I break down and tell him he can go ahead and order the 5D Markii he's been pining over.  Well the joke's on him, I'll keep patiently waiting and taking pictures with my trusty camera phone :)
I was inspired by my the window display in my favorite cake shoppe the Sweet and Saucy Shop.  They had theirs suspended from the ceiling, but I knew they would look just as cute hung on the wall.  I picked up various sizes of embroidery hoops at Michael's from $1.29-$1.79 (I was surprised at how inexpensive they were), and then just cut out some coordinating fabric.  I hung them with blush pink satin ribbon and voila!.

Taylor's room is a horse theme, so I knew I had to incorporate some sort of a horse silhouette into the mix.  Since I don't have one of those fancy Silhouette machines, I just used my trusty old freezer paper method, and it worked out just fine. I think I will redo the silhouette of her though and use a picture of her in a ponytail since her mass of hair just sort of hides her sweet face. 

This was a fun and easy way to get my much needed creative juices flowing again.  I'm realizing that since starting back to work full time, I need to do at least one creative project a week to still feel like me.  This is just what the doctor ordered!

And Taylor is doing much better this morning, but the poor little thing is going to take the day off of school since she did have a slight fever through yesterday afternoon.

I'm linking up to Heather's Making It Lovely Monday at Blessed Little Nest!


  1. this rocks!! i love all the patterns and the silhouettes. you did an awesome job! i just love how those simple things added up to create a really big impact.

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! them!!! so pretty!! hope your little one feels better soon!

  3. Ohhhhh - this is SOOOO lovely!
    Great way to make a cute and cheap work of art. I hope Taylor is feeling better :D

  4. LOVE it! And love that you came up with the idea from S&S!

  5. Looks so charming!

    I've been thinking of doing a similar project for my little boys room (he's got somewhat of a polka - dotted theme)- I was either going to go with different colors/prints of fabric in each hoop or just paint several different sizes of hoops with the coordinating colors of his room and make a collage out of them.

    Your creation turned out great!

    ~visiting from 'making it lovely mondays' @ blessed little nest! ~

  6. LOVE this! I love embroidery hoop art and yours turned out so great!
    visiting from Heather's!

  7. You clever girl! Fantastic, they are indeed fantastic!

  8. I love this embroidery hoop art wall! I'm a huge freezer paper stencil fan, but had never thought of using it do the silhouette art. Fabulous idea!

    Thank you for sharing and I love your blog so very much. I can't wait to peruse around....

  9. love the horse silhouette, very cool. looks great!

  10. i really love any kind of fabric-wrapped hoops. these in particular. i love the color-coordinated theme and the silhouettes intertwined. you did a great job! even your camera phone did a great job, although i think if my camera broke i would cease to exist!

    thank you for stopping by simply feather and leaving such flattering comments. i'm still blushing...

  11. Very sweet.
    Hope T feels better soon!

  12. I'm so stealing this idea for my daughters pink room :)

  13. Hi Andrea - SO nice. I've been wanting to make/find something to hang on the wall by Katie's crib, eventually toddler bed (something that's not heavy and going to crash down on her, and something with "flexible" shape, like your arrangement). Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Oh, and Kate's room is pink, tan & chocolate, so this really spoke to me!

  15. love your silhouettes, i've been wanting to try my hand at one for some time. What is your freezer paper method? do you just use it as tracing paper over the photograph?

    i met you at blog sugar, but this is my first time commenting though i read all the time. love your blog!


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