Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Call of Duty - Or the Sacrfices of An Egg

Pleased to report that we managed to raise some healthy grass this year.  After a haircut this morning, our little flat top grass eggs are ready for duty.  Tomorrow for Easter dinner they will stand proudly at each place setting, happy to serve their purpose of preventing a fight over who has to sit next to Cousin Ed.

And our colored eggs, after getting captured during the hunt, will sacrifice themselves gallantly for a week's worth of speedy breakfasts and egg salad sandwiches.  What a pretty way to go. 
Happy, Happy Easter friends.  Oh, and we celebrate 12 years of marriage tomorrow too!  What a special day it will be indeed :)


  1. What a cute idea! Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Oooooo Love the name makers. So much!!

  3. The Grass is going to look awesome on your table. Love it! Congrats on 12 years! : )

  4. Aw, grass eggs! Mine, as you know, didn't last two hours. :-/

    Happy anniversary, too! Your birthday, Taylor's birthday, and your anniversary...April is a big month for you! :)

  5. These are SO cute. I even pinned them so I'll remember them next year. Happy Easter & happy anniversary!

  6. happy anniversary today!! love how your eggs with hair turned out!

  7. i'm completely bowled over with butterfiles in my belly as i type this, but i felt i just had to! i saw your pic over at blessed little nest and recognized you instantly. i'm so happy for you and art and the life you have made! wow! you're amazing. it's great to see you... happy anniversary, by the way!


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