Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Required Uniform

{Jacket - Old Navy, T-Shirt - Target, Skirt - James Perse (c/o my old job), Sandals - Sam Edelman, Bracelets - Forever 21}

As is the case with many things in my life, including hair styles, makeup and clothes, I become a stage one clinger when I find something I love.  You may have noticed that this camouflage jacket made an appearance in almost every single Yosemite picture I posted, usually tied around my waist.  I have no shame in wearing a piece of clothing over and over again, and in front of the same people, especially if it is both functional and stylish.

The jacket served a utilitarian purpose while camping in that it was lightweight enough to wear as a layering piece, but heavy enough to keep the chill off.  The hidden drawstring at the waist allows you to cinch in the waist when you're ready to make it a bit more feminine.  I think the best part of all though was that I paid $14.99 for it and I've already worn it at least 15 times, equaling a dollar per wear in less than 2 weeks.  Do you wear an item of clothing over and over, and in front of the same group of friends?  Or do you try to switch up the outfit a bit if you're going to be seeing the same people?  I used to worry about that kind of stuff but now, not so much.

I wore this outfit to a friend's house on Memorial Day and we had a great time.  Taylor dressed up as a horse and Syd played with blocks.  Their moods may be unpredictable, but the things they love and gravitate towards are nothing but predictable.  Something I didn't predict?  Finding a dessert that would actually kill all of my will power.  I have said many times before that I am a savory girl above all else, but these Raspberry Bars from the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens have seriously got a hold on me.  Lemony goat cheese custard poured over fresh raspberries and shortbread is nothing short of magical.  I just ate 6 bars and washed it down with a glass of milk.  Let me know if you're interested in the recipe and I'll send it to you.  You won't regret it :)

And I'm switching things up a bit by posting my outfit on a Wednesday, I know :)  I'm linking up to Lindsey's WIWW post for something a little different and fun!  Stop by her blog for lots of other everyday women fashion inspiration.


  1. Love the jacket. I get so excited when I find things for such a good deal too. Your pic of those delicious looking bars looks like it belongs in the magazine. Good job!

  2. Oh yes, please send me the recipe! :) I saw your tweet about them earlier, and now it's pretty much all I can think about (I left breakfast at home this morning, so I am now starving). I really love how you styled the camo jacket too... if it weren't 100 degrees here, I'd be tempted to head to Old Navy for one myself...

  3. what a great jacket!
    recipe for me too, please!! ;)

    have a sweet day!

  4. Okay girls, found the recipe. They were incredible! I would save myself the money next time though and just use all cream cheese instead of half cream cheese/half goat cheese. It really didn't make that much of a difference :) http://www.bhg.com/recipe/bars/fresh-raspberry-bars/

  5. love the camo with all those silver bracelets! LOVE!

  6. no way that jacket is from old navy! loooove it! I'm also super jealous you went to yosemite (first time reader here, so catching up). i'm a california girl myself and love me some yosemite. John Muir is like my favorite person ever.

  7. The jacket looks amazing! Cannot wait for mine to come. EEEEEKKK we will be twinsies. Hehe

  8. Love the jacket it on you but equally loving those sandals

  9. Loved that jacket in your vacation photos and love it even more styled up a bit more. Gorgeous. Just pinned it!


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