Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Limos, Astro-Turf & Glitter Nails

  • Taylor's last day of Kindergarten was Tuesday.  I just barely, barely teared up.  Nothing close to the waterworks I displayed on the first day, and the weeks leading up to the start of Kindergarten.  I look back, and I was so scared and anxious, not knowing how it would be having her gone 5 days a week.  Not knowing how she'd do.  Would she make friends, would she like her teacher, would she enjoy her school work?  Add on, me going back to work full time, and it was a perfect storm for a flood gate of emotions.  But she amazed me this year.  She is stronger and more confident that I have EVER given her credit for.  Shame on me.  I know every mother says this, but I'll go ahead and add in, that I couldn't be more proud of her.  Bring on 1st Grade, school's got nothing on us!  So what was harder for you ladies with kinders, the first day or the last?
  • With school officially out for both kids Friday beach days are here, starting today.  Since Taylor goes to a year-round school, we only have 6 short weeks to spend with the rest of our friends, so we've got to make them count.  
  • We hosted Father's Day here at our house, and the thought of having multiple sets of muddy feet running in and out of the house made me a little nervous.  So Art went to Home Depot and picked up some astro-turf to minimize the mud tracking.  After he laid it down, he came in and declared "Alright honey, your yard's done.  Don't it look purty?"  Try again buddy ;)  We're still waiting on final pool inspection before we can even think about starting on landscaping.  We're still undecided on just how much of a DIY project we're gonna make it.  All depends on how the bids come in I guess.  I'll post some full pool pics next week, not just these little teasers. 
    • I went to the gym or worked out 4 days this week.  I've gained almost 15 pounds in the last few months so time to get serious again.  I feel good, and sore, but good.
    • Tonight I'm celebrating a dear friend's birthday.  A group of us are taking a limo out to LA for cocktails and dancing.  I'm wearing the orange skirt.  None of us have been to the depths of LA in a while so we're a bit nervous because it's such a different scene than what we're used to.  Nothing like the safe confines of Long Beach ;)  But we vowed to not play it safe so we have a list of places to try and we've got a limo till 2 am.  The limo was won at a school auction for her Kindergartener.  For some reason I just think that's awesome.  A group of women in their mid 30's hitting up LA for a night of dancing, in a limo, won at a school auction.  Classic.  
    • A night in LA calls for a bit of glitter don't you think?  I'll be trying this combo tonight.    
      So do you guys have any plans for the weekend?  How's summer going for you all?  See you guys next week, where I will FINALLY reveal the seed bead DIY I've been working on for over a month.  Have a great weekend!


      1. The last day of kindy was harder for me than the first. Just knowing that they're growing and moving on. Hugs!

        Your night sounds sooo fun! And a limo? Yay for that! Where are you planning on going? I haven't been out in LA for a while.

      2. The last day was definitely the hardest for me. I think because I used to teach kindergarten I was so excited for Kevin to start. But then around April I realized it was coming to an end soon and it his me hard. Wish they could stay in kindergarten forever!

      3. I tear up just thinking about Katelyn going to Preschool 2 days a week. I'm going to be a blubbering mess when she starts Kinder!!

        A night out in LA, so fun! Love the nail polish combo.

      4. fabulous.....pta moms in LA...love it!..Go ahead and swing by my house..I will be ready! :) Have fun!

      5. Maria, PTA moms in LA. That's our motto for the night. LOVE it! ;)

      6. last day was way worse for me! inbetween nate's pickup and sophie's, we went to chipotle for a snack. i was emotionally trying to explain how special that window of time was - our last forever, by ourselves. and how much i loved our time together. lets just say that for nate, the time with me was way less special than the guacamole and talking about his star wars DS game. i'm so unappreciated! ;)

      7. aww, sweet taylor!
        enjoy your fantastic limo and la party! holla!


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