Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Comfort Revisited

{Pants: James Perse; Top: Ann Taylor Loft; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Necklace: Gift from old coworker; 
Bracelet: Forever 21; Zippered Clutch: American Apparel}
Let's get back to that subject of comfort shall we?  Tim Gunn says that women often fall prey to the comfort trap.  So how as women with busy lives do we stay comfortable and yet still look put together?  The answer for me anyhow, is this: Elastic Waistbands.

There's just something about an elastic waistband that breathes comfort, probably because you can breathe even after you've eaten too much, right?  This has been another favorite outfit of mine in the last couple of weeks.  These pants here have an elastic waistband, and elastic at the ankles and are made of a soft cotton/silk blend, which pretty much just makes them a fancy pair of sweatpants.  They are pretty much like the best pants eva on steroids.  They can very easily borderline on sloppy though if you're not careful, so I try to wear them with something upstanding and lady-like, hence the shiny top.  Oh it may be hard to tell in these photos, but this blouse has tiny shiny lurex threads woven in it, making me feel very fancy.  Yes, I feel fancy in gladiator sandals, glorified sweatpants, and a shiny top.  Go me. 

Take that Tim Gunn.


  1. You look super cute! Love it!!

  2. You sure do make glorified sweatpants good. Really, you look adorable. I love that outfit.

  3. There's nothing wrong with elastic waistbands... just hide 'em and no one will ever know!! ;) I was even thinking of wearing my old maternity jeans that have an elastic band... is that wrong??? Super cute outfit! I love the top!

  4. Who knew? Dressy sweatpants? Brilliant. I think Tim Gunn would approve of your styling choices too -- you look crisp and put together. And I need some dressy sweatpants. SO MUCH BETTER than the ubiquitous yoga pants at the playground.

  5. work those comfy clothes girl! :) i have a pair of jeggings from walmart that i tell people are my pajama pants because they are secretly a super stretchy and comfy almost-sweatpant material and I could wear them for every day of my life. :) i feel good that someone else is in on the sneaky comfy secret!


  6. Um, I am pretty convinced at this point that you can make anything look stylish.

  7. hey, this outfit might FEEL comfy, but it looks so stylish and put-together, no one would ever know. :) i love this! (p.s. you are beautiful!)

  8. Thanks so much ladies :) XOXO I love my glam sweatpants! Sweatpants for ever!!


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