Friday, June 10, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Maxi Dresses, Nail Polish and Addicting Books

Hi friends, and happy Friday!  Another week down and another week closer to warm weather.  We're still experiencing June gloom here in So Cal and it hasn't risen above mid 70's.  We are especially anxious for it to warm up a bit because...

The pool's done!  The kids are already swimming, but it takes a lot hotter whether to get me in the pool.  The rest of the yard is still a disaster, resembling not much more than a giant dirt pit.  There's plenty of work to do, which we will mainly be doing ourselves, but until we can get the landscaping completed, we'll be buying some astro-turf tomorrow to make a pathway to the back door.  Wet foot prints all over the floor I can deal with, but wet muddy foot prints, not so much.  
Regarding the landscaping, has anyone ever laid down their own sod and/or decomposed granite?  We have experience laying our own sprinklers and lighting, but have never attempted sod.  We've decided to lay DG  in the patio area and as a pathway to the pool area, but I've heard it can be a lot of work.  Is it worth the money we'll save, or will we want to shoot ourselves?

I didn't write an outfit post this week because well, nothing really to exciting to report.  I've lived in 2 outfits all week, the maxi dress and gray shrug combo you see above Mon-Tues, and the striped navy maxi dress and navy cardi you see below.  It's a comfy but put together look that I don't really have to put too much thought into.  I'm sporting a side braid below, which is my new favorite easy-breasy look.  My mission is to learn to do a french and fishtail braid. 
I did finally start a Facebook page for Four Flights of Fancy this week!  Thanks so much for the support and the "likes" already given.  I appreciate it so much :)  You can get to the page and like it yourself by following the "f" link on my right sidebar, or following this link.

In other news, I used the colors from the latest OPI collection, Pirates of the Caribbean.  The color on the left is called Skull & Glossbones and is the perfect shade of taupe/gray.  I painted my toes with this one.  The color on the right is called Mermaid Tears and I used that for my fingers.  It's a little Katy Perry Teenage Dream for me, but since my polish only lasts 2-3 days, it's not the biggest commitment.
I lost 4 hours of sleep on Wednesday because I stayed up reading this.  Annie turned it on to me.  Girl's got great taste in books, and she does a monthly reading list recap so I pretty much just follow her recs now :)  It's the perfect easy read that's exciting enough to grab and hold onto your attention, but written in an uncomplicated way so as not to require the concentration of meta-physics.  They're making a movie based on the series and Kim shared the cast info with me.  I'm calling it right now, ladies, we have a new Twilight on our hands. 
Thanks for all your advice on the pots and pans by the way!  So I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with All Clad, but now I just need to decide if I should suck it up and get the set, or buy a couple of pieces at a time.  Tough decisions I know, isn't life excruciating sometimes (insert sarcasm).  After watching this video, I know how lucky and ridiculously pampered I am sometimes.  Katie said it best, we take so much for granted sometimes.

And on that note, have a great weekend guys.  Off to take my boy to the park!


  1. hey girl-
    when we moved into the new house, we had very little to spend on landscaping, but I wanted grass ASAP for the girls to play on.
    We couldnt afford sod, so we layed seed and it has worked lovely, for a fraction of the cost. it's a bit more labor intensive, but will save you a bundle!

  2. enjoy your park day with your cute boy!

    hooray for the pool, you look adorable in that style dress and i am thinking i should check out those books;)


  3. your pool is GORGE to the OUS!

    i am so excited to know you are hooked on the hunger games - its a bit of a tough sell to people who haven't heard of it! ;)

    DYING for the movie to come out.

    did you finish book one?

  4. I was going to lay sod in our backyard, much to Maura's concern, but after calculating how much it would actually cost to pay someone and the time and effort it would take me to do it, well it just became more effective to pay someone. I think the hardest part is preperation and getting the ground ready. The actual laying is pretty simple and the fun part kinda like frosting the cupcake and not the baking part! Liken it to laying tile or carpet and just cut to fit. Theres a ton of tips online too.
    Good luck!

  5. i've been hunting for a maxi or two lately. bought a target one before i realized it was lined in polyester, which i maybe can't stand, on my legs, and in the heat. love your stripey one. that pool looks like a summer paradise!!

  6. I just jumped on the maxi bandwagon, and let me tell you, never happier!
    We did our own rock in the yard, but we had three big teenagers that lived here, so we made them do it with us. It was a TON of work. A TON. (literally! :) ) Sod? We've laid that and it's not so bad. Way easier than sprinklers.

  7. I LOVE your pool. The colors and design are stunning. We grew up with a pool and our house was the place where all my friends and my sibling's friends wanted to spend their time. My mom loved that our house was the hub of it all. Happy weekend to you!

  8. Ooh such cute nail polish colors! and I hate that it always takes so long to paint nails and they only last for such a short amount of time :(

    And I'm so excited for the Hunger Games movie! :)

  9. I didn't know you were a So Cal girl! My husband and I just came out there last week and had an amazing time. And I got a mani-pedi/not a common enough occurrence for this girl - and I wish I could remember the name of the purplish OPI color that is new in the Pirates of the Caribbean line - love it!!!! Your maxi dress is so fab!

  10. Sod is easy. We've done it for all our houses. At our first house, we did something similar to what Rachel suggested. We had seed sprayed (it's in the green, foamy mix) and within a few weeks we had a yard. No problems, and an entire (very large) backyard cost $70.

    DG seems like a ton of work. I hear that it's important you get DG with hardener mixed in. Definitely add it regardless because I hear it keeps the DG from getting mushy when it rains. My neighbor has a DG pathway in her front yard and hasn't had any problems. It was professionally installed, though.

  11. Look at that fun pool!!

    And how amazing is the Pirates collection?? I got the mini's and (of course) Mermaid's Tears! I feel like you and I need to have a nail polish party. is it weird that I thought of you while painting my nails last night?)



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