Monday, March 19, 2012

The Girls Need Your Help!!

Hi friends and happy Monday!  I'm running out the door to take Syd to preschool, and I'll be back with a proper post later today.  One that involves zombies from the Walking Dead and bug out plans from Doomsday Preppers.  Anyhow...

Until then, the girls need your help.  Desperately.  After preschool drop off I'm running to the mall to hopefully pick up a bra that will support the new pregnancy girls.  I thought about posting this question on Facebook, but then for obvious reasons, pulled back and thought of course, I'll ask you all for advice!  You're such a wealth of information and infinite wisdom.

So here goes, what should I do about a bra during this in between stage?  I'm going to get measured, but I'm sure I've gone up at least a cup size, at least.  None of my bras fit anymore.  I came home from a nice birthday dinner last night to realize that at some point one of my boobs had literally fallen out of the cup and was just hanging there.  It was still contained within the dress obviously, but contained with no real support if you know what I mean.  Sorry for the visual.  At least I was wearing a jacket because that could have been really awkward sitting across the table from my friend's husband.

So I need to move quickly here.  I don't want to go into nursing bras right away, I still have 5 months till delivery and the thought of walking around wearing a nursing bra just sounds awful.  I also don't want to invest in a nicer bra that I'll probably never wear once I deliver and the girls go back down to their natural state.  At night I'm wearing the soft cup American Apparel interlock bra but it's just not supportive enough for day wear.  I'd like something similar that will allow me some forgiving room for fluctuating cup size, but with more support.  Or just a nice and comfortable cheap bra would work too.  I just need recommendations please! 

I'll have my phone on my so please send in any suggestions on affordable transition bras that I could get today!  The girls, and I, will be forever indebted to you.
Thanks in advance!


  1. Spanx has some very comfortable bras.
    Their bra-lleluja line is fabulous especially the all hosiery comfort bra- it gives quite a bit and it's only $36
    Best of luck!

  2. Target! I bought my bras there when I was in-between sizes during pregnancy. They have stylish, affordable options.

  3. I don't have any suggestions but just wanted to say ... LMAO at the visual! My girls didn't get bigger during pregnancy so I just bought a bra extender strap and was able to keep wearing the one I had.

  4. I wish I knew a solution! My girls have just suffered in ill-fitting bras for the last few months, and I am totally walking around in nursing bras (but they're comfy and supportive at least!). If you find a solution, I wanna hear it! :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Off to Target I go to get a maternity bra, of which I didn't even know existed! :)

  6. Update! I found 2 very comfy and very cheap bras at Target! They're just what I was looking for. soft cups like the AA one but with a lining and adjustable strap. They're perfect for this transition phase! thank you :)


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