Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am no longer a prenatal yoga virgin guys.  It only took 30 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy for me to finally make the time to take a class.  And I shed tears guys.  Several of them in fact.  At the end when the instructor told us to lay a hand on our heart and a hand on our belly and send our baby love, that hippie, crunchy stuff actually got to me and a full stream of tears poured down my face faster than I could catch them.  WHO.  AM.  I???

As I mentioned yesterday, this pregnancy is careening perilously way too fast and out of control.  Just weeks ago I was taking the mellow yellow, go with the flow approach to this pregnancy.  But the other night it dawned on me that perhaps I've been too laid back?  Yes, I've wanted more than anything a relaxed pregnancy, and have achieved that bar none, but have I been so relaxed that I haven't bothered to stop and really make it special enough?  I think maybe I have.

So Art and I sat talking two nights ago about what we could do to cherish these last 10 weeks (he didn't say 'cherish', he pretty much said "what do ya want to do?") and make them special.  For me, for the kids, for the baby.  This is the last time I'll be pregnant, I won't be doing this again and so how do you make it momentous, especially when you're not the real sappy, sentimental type?  And especially when it's your third baby?

I started by signing up for prenatal yoga so I could take some time for just me and baby, and it was perfect.  The energy of a room full of pregnant ladies is something crazy amazing.  The other idea we had was to make a few short films of us talking to the baby, setting up the crib, maybe even visiting the doctor.  And we've already set up our maternity shoot with Miranda.

Other than those ideas, I'm kind of stumped.  I know that I don't want to read any pregnancy books.  I don't want to take any hospital tours or breastfeeding classes, the stuff you do when it's your first or even second baby.  So how else do you immerse yourself in pregnancy mode and make it as special as can be?  I'm not one of those people that really finds the need to be "present" every moment of every day (does that sound bad?), but I really do want to do everything I can to make these final few weeks as memorable as possible.

Do do any of you have any ideas for me?  Either things you did yourself to make your pregnancy special, or maybe even things you saw on Pinterest? ;)  I know you guys have some cute ideas up your sleeves!  Thanks in advance for helping me to make this mama and her baby feel special.   

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  1. Oh, I don't know...you could take a photo of yourself each week in a maternity calendar shirt and cross the weeks off as you go;) That was fun for me!

    The two other things I love loved were: keeping a journal for the baby (that I still write in for my boys to record their milestones and memories of their youth), and listening to the baby's heartbeat with a doppler every night. It cost about $30 on amazon and was such a cool way to connect to the baby before he was born.

    Good luck mama!

    1. this is actually a GREAT idea Miranda. I could do a 10 week countdown and each week take a picture and make a list of things I'd like to do that week.Stuff to get ready for the baby, and stuff to do with the kids right now :) I love it! Thanks so much

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