Friday, June 15, 2012

Thoughts of the Week

Remember when I used to consistently write Thoughts of the Week?  Yes, no?  Well I do.  There's two things I'm not the best at when it comes to blogging; responding to comments consistently (there, I said it), and being consistent with themes and series.  Seems the only thing I am consistent on, is being inconsistent.  Sorry :-/  But I do have quite a few thoughts this week that I wanted to share...
On light bulbs - we finally installed our two new light fixtures last weekend.  I love them in every way possible, but because of their vintage feel, and see-through/glass nature, regular light bulbs look too bright, blinding really.  So I ordered vintage-esque light bulbs from Restoration Hardware and $60 later, I feel like a schmuck.  $60 for 5 light bulbs?  They better look pretty spectacular when they arrive.   
On parents - mine are driving me crazy.  They're retired now and have a lot of time on their hands.  And they might be moving, so I'm fielding calls from them all day.  If they can't reach me on my home phone (which btw, they leave messages on saying "hello, Andrea, pick up!  If you're there, pick up.  Hello?????  Well, I guess I'll try you on your cell"), they immediately call my cell, and continue to do so until they reach me.  I love them, but they are driving me bananas.  Please tell me I'm not the only one whose parents drive them bonkers sometimes. 

On paranoia - remember the post I wrote on Monday about Taylor's school and high expectations and her teacher needing to realize they're just kids?  Well Tuesday, Art drops Taylor off at school and makes mention that Taylor's teacher was a little short with him.  I immediately assumed she must have seen my blog post (she knows I blog thanks to Taylor's talkative mouth), read what I wrote and now hates me and my daughter even more.  So I pulled the post.  I'm a freak.  Turns out she must have just been having a bad day because she's been perfectly pleasant the rest of the week.

On buyers remorse - I sometimes get myself in these situations at a store where I feel guilty or awkward and buy something even though I know I shouldn't or don't need it.  This happened a few weeks ago at a makeup event I attended where I was talked into buying a $50 foundation brush, even though I already have a foundation brush.  But this one was made of sable and is oh so special.  Now I've been driving around with it in my car, trying to figure out how and when I'm going to get all the way down to Orange County to make the return.  I should just grow a spine and I'd save myself a lot of time.       

On gas prices - I'm obsessed.  I think about high gas prices constantly now, and it completely bums me out.  It now dictates where I go, how I drive, what I go do.  I strategically map out my driving plan to make good use out of long drives into LA or Orange County so I can kill multiple birds with one stone.  There's a fabric store that I very badly want to go to that's 25 miles away, but I can't figure out a time when I can go so that I can also at the same time, return the makeup brush at the store nearby.  Because making two trips into Orange County to visit the fabric store and return the makeup brush would be ludicrous.  And it's also why I went ahead and paid $11 shipping to have the stupid $60 light bulbs shipped to me because I would have spent that in gas by the time I drove to my nearest Restoration Hardware.  It doesn't help that I'm married to a man that is also obsessed with gas prices and checks on why prices are going up on a weekly basis, adding fuel to my outraged fire.  A fire in Washington a few weeks ago was in fact cause for the latest gas hike to effect California.  Obsessed I tell you!  Obsessed.

Okay, off to go take a chill pill now.  I feel much better getting all that off my chest.  So what are some of your thoughts of the week you'd like to get off your chest?


  1. Ha, come to Europe if you want to see high gas prices! Solution? Smaller cars, more efficient cars. BTW, love the thoughts of the week :)

  2. I think the older we get the more our parents make US crazy. my mother in particular is driving me up a wall these days so I'm grateful I live far enough away she can't just pop over.....is that terrible?
    oh gas....I feel the same way, its too much to drive by myself so I'm always looking to carpool or if I come down to the LBC I need to make a million stops to justify the cost.


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