Friday, May 21, 2010

A Few Things

Hi Y'all!

Yes, I am posting 2 times in a row, but I just wanted to jot down a few things.

I don't think I will be doing Playgrounds & Lollipops today.  I just don't feel like it, and even though I have a great post ready from another guest, she has said I can only use it if desperate.  So if anyone is reading this, or the guest is reading this, and you really want to see it, speak up in the comments!  the last couple of P&L have been sort of quite, so not really feeling it today.  I'm thinking of moving it to Tuesdays?  Hmmm?

I know there is a third, but I forgot.  Oh well.  I have to get some kids ready for the day!

Oh, yes, now I remember.  I've been making a word list in my head lately.  Words I hear and can't get out of my head all day, words I like to say, etc.  Here are a couple: Cantankerous.  Curmudgeon.  what are some words you like?

Okay, goodbye!  Have a great day.

Oh one last thing, I have been stewing and a brewing up a little post about conscious parenting and how I'm feeling a little jaded by the whole term.  Any thoughts?  Send them to me if you wish.

Oh and I don't like that show Agent Oso.  That bear is friggin' creepy!  I can hear the kids watching it so gotta run to turn that crap off!

How many times can I start a sentence with "Oh!"

Oh!  One last time.  I accidentally clicked on "send me follow up comments" on a blog I commented on last night, and there have been about 60 comments so I get an email every time someone new comments.  It's a nightmare!  Make it stop!  How do I turn that off?  please help, I will be eternally grateful.


  1. So glad I've found your blog!
    I was thinking about a chalkboard for a place on my stairs, but I've lost every creative juice in my body (think they're sucked out breastfeeding). But you've inspired me.
    I'm gonna go to a garage sale and find me a frame.
    And thanks for the foster story.

  2. Special Agent Oso is the most annoying show ever..well next to the Wiggles I think. That bear is seriously dumb!!! And I think its more fun to keep P and L to once a week. It helps to break up the posts of the week. Oh and Tues. would be good...then I'll have inspiration for the rest of my week!

  3. You can use my guest post if the pics turned out decent- trying not to be vain, just write a disclaimer that I hadn't showered yet, just threw on clothes after a workout to take P to music, I often go in my workout clothes, so considering that I guess I looked ok;)
    I hear you in conscious parenting= great concept, but sometimes I don't feel like it leaves room for me and my frustrations/things I want to do, get done etc. which should probably just get pushed aside, but if I'm not conscious for ME am I really conscious for my kids?
    Anyhow there's a ramble for you.

  4. To stop getting those follow up comments you have to follow "3 special steps" hahaha. No, seriously I have no idea. And Puh-leez don't stop doing your P&L posts because I LOVE reading that. It's the first thing I look for on Fridays, but if you change to a different day that's cool. Looking forward to catchin' up with you in person next Friday :)

  5. Oh you make me laugh...yes OSO is a weird little bear. And that theme song will not leave your head for the week. All those Bond"esque" references kinda make me laugh though.

    I do love the Playgrounds and Lollipops though. That's how I started reading your blog. I am friends with Shelly from way back. So keep it up.

    And, I love the word Mirth. It's underused.


  6. I just found your blog today and thought I'd say hello! I'm looking forward to thoroughly exploring...looks fun :)

  7. I really do like your P & L segment. I kinda hear you though that if your are doing the whole What I Wore this Week, that it may steal the limelight from P&L. I honestly don't mind reading both - you are fabulous - but if you are choosing between the two, I would keep the P&L going!!! (Just my two cents!!!)

    And um... yeah.... I am not that fond of OSO and his Paw Pilot (lame) and how they make simple things seem STRESSFUL by counting down (for what?) Not my fav.

  8. Astonishing. That is my fave word of the week. How pretty is it? I did that comment thing once. HORRIBLE! I forget how I undid it though. Blah.

  9. Hi! I am a new follower and ! love your blog! I, too, am a friend of Shelly's. :) BTW, I totally love your outfit posts (not sure what to call them since P&L seems exactly the same as "What I wore this week"). Whatever they're called, just keep them coming. You have great ideas and you are are helping me save money by just shopping in my own closet!

    And on the Oso thing - am I the only one who LOVES him? Besides the whole "tossing salad" line one time, he's pretty harmless. I love the little song, 3 special steps, James Bond theme. All of it. Man, I love that bear!

  10. Janna I just realized the 3 special steps reference and I started cracking up! And Brooke, yes, why is every simple little thing made to be so stressful? thanks guys for all chiming in about OSO and Playgrounds & Lollipops :) you are all too funny!


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