Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I Wore All Week

Hi there friends!  I'm going to do something a little different today, and I got the idea from the Pleated Poppy.  Lindsey has been posting her outfits that she wears throughout the week and having readers link up to post what they are wearing.  Fun right?

Okay, so I have to tell you all something.  I have linked up twice now, with my Playgrounds & Lollipops posts and you want to know something?  I have had A LOT of visits to my site from the Pleated Poppy over the last 3 weeks (like in the hundreds).    It's true...my analytics tells me so.  She's crazy big and gets that many visits people!  And you want to know something else?  Only one person from those visits has left a comment.  Now I will also tell you, and this is the God's honest truth, I did not link up to get views or comments.  I had no idea that many ladies would stop by.  I did it just because I thought it would be fun.  But when I started viewing the other gals outfit submissions that linked up and saw that they played along just like Lindsey, I started to doubt myself.

This is what I was thinking: Why hasn't anyone left a comment if that many have stopped by?  Do they think I'm some snobby fashion wanna be know-it-all that's trying to show off?  Or what if they think I'm some wannabe super model?  
Now I know those things aren't at all true, and you, my faithful readers know it's not true. I have clearly stated what the purpose of Playgrounds & Lollipops is for.  But if someone was just clicking away and briefly saw one of my P&L posts, they may think that right?  I might.  Hey, I've said I try not to be judgmental, but it doesn't always work.  I'm sure that's not the reason for the lack of comments though because I'm sure Lindsey's readers are very nice, but I'm starting to babble now so I will shut up!
Blogging can make you CUH-RAZY sometimes I tell ya!
I felt weird submitting my outfits, with photoshoped photos and even emailed Lindsey this after last week's submission:
Hi Lindsey,
Would you mind taking my link off of your last what I wore post from yesterday?  I decided to link up again, but after looking at all the other linkers, I sort of feel like my post doesn’t really play by the exact ‘guidelines’ if you will, and I don’t want to feel like I’m hijacking your post.  Sorry.
The weird girl that worries too much about what others will think

Lindsey then emailed me back and told me she never set any guidelines and if I really wanted her to take it down she would, but she thought I should keep it up.  She was extremely nice and gracious about it.  I told her that for kicks and giggles, this week I would play along nice and submit my real every day outfits.
p.s. Aside from the first day, I had Art take the pictures for me because I am just lame at the self portraits.
So here goes:
Last Thursday I went to the prayer meeting at Nancy's house, then lunch for my mom's birthday, then car- wash, lumber yard, and other errands.
Shirt from Nordstrom Brass Plum
Jeans from Hudson, also bought at Nordstrom during Anniversary Sale
Shoes Forever 21
Friday was Playgrounds & Lollipops and I purposely chose a casual and comfy outfit.  I ran all over on Friday, including gymnastics with Syd, preschool pick up & drop off and a playdate
Shirt from Old Navy
Jeans from Hudson (gift from next door neighbor Shelly)
Shoes from Converse
Saturday was painting and house project day and this is what I wore ALL DAY LONG!  I even wore this to Target and Joann's.  Either I have incredibly high self-esteem or I have no shame.  Take your pick.
Shirt from Target
Terry shorts from Juicy Couture
Flip flops (not shown) are always Haivaina
Sunday was Mother's Day, so why did I wear black?   Dunno know, I guess it looked comfy at the time.
Dress worn as top from Loehmann's
Jeans from Hudson
Shoes from a local boutique Tullemoss
Monday was the Mother's Tea at Taylor's preschool, so I wore a dress, but looking back I could have gotten much more dressed up.  Some moms were wearing satin and high heels!
Dress from local boutique Madison Bleu
Wrap from Forever 21
Flip Flops from Haivaina
Tuesday was office day at Art's work, plus just general running around.
Dress from Gap
Leggings from Gap
Shoes from Forever 21

So there you have it folks.  I do dress down most days, I do wear what is comfortable, I only do my hair a couple of times a week, and most days I don't wear but a smidge of makeup!  And I wear a lot of gray and black.  I need it to warm up so I can start wearing some brighter colors.


  1. I have to comment b/c I feel/felt the same way you do/did! I love Lindsey's Wednesday posts - even told her I was in for the next week - then doubted myself and didn't participate. I am 100% going to do it for next week though and I loved checking out your outfits!

  2. Hi,

    I'm a new reader to your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I never leave comments because I have a 17 month old and it's all I can do to steal a few moments to read a few blogs. :-) But, if I could comment all the time I would say that your outfits are super cute, I appreciate you telling us where you shop and I just in general love all the tips, ideas, thoughts and pictures on your blog. Thank you,
    Christina From San Diego (newly married mom

  3. I find myself wearing a ton of gray these days too. And as someone who has known you for a few years, I do have to admit that I thought you did you hair almost every day, it makes me feel slightly better that you pull it back some days too! As that's generally what I do.

  4. Hey girl. I came over from the Pleated Poppy. I am too self conscious to even participate, so you're a step ahead of me! I love your style and I'm glad you linked up! :)


  5. so i was totally expecting if you are as cute as you are on your p&l days, then you must just go for sweats the other days. oh my goodness was i wrong! i love love love your other everyday outfits! and the yellow shoes? i NEED them! thanks so much for linking up!

  6. You know I love your style! I wanted to link up too, but I feel like a total lame-o photographing myself, and by the time my husband gets home, I'm usually reduced to drawstring pants and a tee in order to make dinner.

  7. you crack me up.

  8. Oh, and I want your legs.
    I said it.

  9. Your usual posts (P&L) are a little bit more artistic - and while I am sure it was fine to submit, I can see why you might have felt a little weird about it... like people may have thought you were showing off! (just because they are THAT good :D)

    And on the commenting - isn't that weird that people visit and DON'T comment? I am a commenter. I can't help it! I figure that if I took the time to stop by and read, that I should leave a little comment, even if it is only a simple "nice post!" That is just me though, I guess :D

    Love all the outfits! I will have to say that it is nice to see you wearing something a little more laid back - hee hee!!!!

  10. Yes, blogging can make a girl crazy! I went thru a weird phase where i was really over analyzing any and all activity/non activity on my blog. Honestly, it made me so crazed that I ended up backing off. Now I only post once a week and I read just when I feel like it. :)

    P.S. If I had any fashion sense at all, I would both link up and comment on clothes. But i'm about as unclever as they come. I wear running shoes 90% of the time. :) Have a great day!

  11. I came over from the Pleated Poppy too... just found you both this week... love the idea of "what I wore all week"... might get gutsy enough to try it, but not sure how to get nice looking pics on my own. I keep a private blog, but it's available by request. I'm enjoying the peeks into life through your eyes. Keep it up! And keep posting Wednesdays... I LOVE the red Old Navy shirt... very cute.

  12. Here from Pleated Poppy as well! I keep thinking that I will participate but then I think...who cares what I wear? I suppose someone will since I click on all the links to see what you all are wearing! You are adorable and I think you rocked the house painter look.

  13. Keep posting girl! Your outfits and attitude rock!! You made me laugh today. Thanks!

  14. I think your "tea" outfit was perfect! I would not have guessed that you would have felt underdressed.

    Another mom posted her dress for a Mother's Day tea and it was cute too, but if it had been me, I would have been the most underdressed b/c I wouldn't have had any idea what to wear. Satin and heels??

  15. I loved your post last week! And I agree...got tons of traffic from Lindsey's but no comments. I think people just don't comment anymore....

  16. Hello!!! Came over from No.17 cherry tree lane!

    I love love love your blog:) Your header is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    Will definitely be following along!

  17. Thanks everyone for your fun and lovely and nice comments! It sure means a lot.
    Connie, you were the only one that did comment from Pleated Poppy last week, so thank you :)
    And okay guys, I'm just now noticing that 4/6 days I have my hair up in a pony, and on the other 2 days that my hair is down, there is a black rubberband around my wrist, because I'm always itching to put my hair up! This is the longest it has ever been, and quite frankly it's driving me C.R.A.Z.Y!!!

  18. I came over from Pleated Poppy ;) There are a lot of us lurkers out there ;) You look cute! Thanks for sharing your style!

  19. I love your post!! And the yellow shoes! Ok I have gotta get a pair they were the second pair of yellow shoes I have seen posted so far today.
    Great blog :)

  20. What a fun idea!

    Oh, and I want your legs, too. Mine are...not like yours.

  21. Andrea,

    What a cute idea! Love all the outfits, especially the Mother's Day Tea. :)

  22. you ARE mommy chic personified my friend!!


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