Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney

Hi there Bubba. It's me, mommy. While you technically turned 3 four days ago, I'm just getting around to writing this today. Why, you ask? Well, I've been thinking of the words I want to say to you. Kind, sweet, loving, thoughtful, encouraging, introspective words that will send you off for another year of childhood. But after four days, this is what keeps running through my mind. "You drive me crazy kid."

Please don't hold it against me, or blame me years later for all your woes because your mommy was just a tad too honest. I have plenty of video footage to hold as proof of my words, so don't make me break it out. You are stubborn, persistent, impatient, and ornery. Your screams make the fruit fall from the trees. You constantly yell a request/demand at me over and over again until it is fulfilled, even when I've told you I hear you and am in the process of obliging said request. You yell at me, "Do you HEAAARRRR ME?" Yes, Sydney, I heard you and the neighbors ten houses down heard you too.  You won't even let me give you a kiss.  When I sneak one in you scream at me and yell "Wipe it OFFFF!"  At three, you have absolutely no interest in potty training or moving to a big boy bed, or pedaling.  You prefer for us to do all those things for you.  Some may say you just want to stay the baby.  I have a sneaking suspicion you might be just a tad bit lazy.

But here's the thing.  For all the reasons you drive me crazy, I have a list doubly long for why I love you like crazy.  Of course there's the squishy cheeks, the amazingly awesome hair, and the cutest little bubble butt.   But there's also the charm, like when you say out of the blue, "I luff you mommy."  Or the sense of humor just like your daddy's.  Or the way you're all boy, preferring your cars collection to anything else, and how you're rough and tumble and can hang with the big kids.  You are my baby, you are my only boy, you are my sunshine.  I love you and your crazy, wacky personality, and know that some day, those traits will take you far.  I pray that your strength, charm and sincerity turn you into an amazing man.  I love you Sydney, my Bubba.

And now, some pictures from your birthday that show a peek into your many moods...

Hooray!  Mommy and Daddy made it through another year and didn't have to be sent to the loony bin!



  1. happy birthday sydney!
    p.s. hang in there momma!
    i think the terrible twos are a myth when it comes to boys. you know boys...they do everything a little slower so it really should be called the terrible threes.

  2. Syd will do things when he wants to, just like most kids. Peyton is not potty training as quickly as I want him too either. I can not believe they are ALREADY THREE!! They were just babies!

  3. I am quite familiar with the loony bin. I have had a reservation there for awhile. I save a spot for you! He is so stinkin cute!

  4. This is hilarious! And we all have one don't we? I actually have 2, so watch out if you're thinking of a third!
    Love from, Greta

  5. With seven kids, I have all kinds.
    My "Sydney" is featured in my post today.
    He's eighteen. And I made it. And it was worth every single second.
    And you'll make it too.
    Unfortunately, my three-year-old is exactly the same.
    Aren't they great?
    Gotta love boys.

  6. Happy Birthday Sydney!! We love you cutie pie.

  7. Oh Baby Syd. I suppose I'll have to stop calling you that. My first nephew, how you love to smack me and laugh, scream for food while I'm serving it up to you, throw solid wood blocks at my face...Andrea, need I go on? Yet still, you giggle, your tricky and sly, you will sit on my lap sweetly as long as I keep reading and I love you, even if you make me think of earplugs.
    Love, Auntie Carrie

  8. As a mom of 3 young, wild boys...I SO get this. Happy Birthday to your guy!

  9. Love this post and as you know I feel your pain. I absolutely LOVE the looks on your face in these photos! Happy Birthday Syd!

  10. Ahhh - Happy Birthday GUY!!!!!
    It must be a boy thing - my toughest year with Chase was THREE and I am dreading letting Dylan turn three.....
    I love all his different moods..... adorable!
    (They show a little of your mood too - wink!)
    Looks like you had a great party!
    Congrats on everyone making it one more year.

  11. Oh my. I didn't think it was possible, but there is another Nicholas. God help us.

  12. I love your words.. but indeed, the pictures do say it all!! Hilarious!

  13. Ah, I love it! The pictures are priceless, especially the ones with you in it :). Boys...you gotta love 'em. A while ago I read that highly intelligent kids often exhibit emotional sensitivity..they feel everything so much more and thus their dramatic responses. So every time Matty throws one of his crazy tantrums or overreacts to nothing, I like to tell myself it's because he's gifted...haha!

  14. Thanks everyone for the birthday love, and the nods of sympathy for all of those with boys ;) I purposely left me in those two pictures because I thought they were funny. The first one I am actually concerned because I thought he was hurt so I'm worried and asking him if he's okay, then I realize he's just mad so then I get frustrated!

  15. Just to comment on all "it's boys" comments, my 3rd is a girl and she is WAY more wild, intense and crazy than either of her big brothers.
    Everyone said having a girl would bring some calm to our house.
    I got gipped.

  16. Great post mama! Happy Bday big boy...you do have THE best hair ever!!

  17. i <3 this post. Your honesty combined with the hilarious pics MADE my morning!


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