Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I Wore All Week, Again

Hi Friends!  Thanks for all your fun comments last week on my previous WIW post.  And thanks to those that hopped on over here from the Pleated Poppy and said "hi!".

Gosh, this picture taking every day thing is sort of daunting!  I have a confession, some days I forget to take my picture.  So for instance today Miranda stopped by, and being the great photographer that she is, I asked her to snap a few pictures of last week's outfits.  So if my hair and makeup look identical in a couple of pictures, now you know why.  And yes, I do remember what I wear from day to day.  How else can you keep track of being able to wear the same outfits multiple times in a week without being noticed?  My motto is if it's still clean, and I'm seeing a different set of friend that day, then go ahead and recycle that outfit!

So here we go.  I have to say that last week was a bit of an improvement on the previous week.  I definitely put a bit more thought into my choices.

Wednesday, go into Chartreuse to work on their blog, 
go into CIU to help out the hubby
Cardigan & Shell Old Navy
Patent Leather Wedges Via Spiga
Skinny Jeans Hudson
Belt, who knows?

Thursday & Friday actually (I have no idea how white jeans 
managed to stay clean for 2 days in a row, but I had to take advantage of that!)
Hanging with kids, errands, the usual running around we all do.  
Then co-hosted Girls Night Out at Shelly's for our first wine dinner
Top Old Navy
Camisole Gap
Jeans Jo's
Sandals Gap
Top Nordstrom 
Same Jo's Jeans
Sandals Simply Vera for Kohl's (they were $7.95!)

Saturday, garage sale in the morning - GO GAUCHOS!
I then wore my running outfit the rest of the day in hopes that it 
would motivate me to go out and run, but it did not.
UCSB Sweatshirt
Juicy Couture sweat pants
Roxy flip flops
Running outfit Adidas
Zip up Terry Jacket American Apparel

Sunday, I don't remember what I did on Sunday, but it was cold!
Slouchy Sweater Nordstrom
T-Shirt Nordstrom Brass Plum
Skinny Jeans Gap
Shoes Forever 21
Knit Cap Target

Monday, work day in Taylor's preschool and then home the rest of the day
Sweater Gap
Jeans Jo's
Scarf local boutique Tullemoss
Shoes Puma

Tuesday, work at CIU to help out hubby and dang it was so cold again!
Leggings Gap
Layering Tops Splenda (aqua) and Target (white)
Slouchy sweater Nordstrom
Scarf from local boutique Tullemoss
Riding Boots from Bloomingdale's (3rd season and still going strong!)

Thanks for reading!  Not sure how long I can keep this up but it's fun.  Thanks for hosting us Lindsey!


  1. I love all the looks (as usual!) The yellow cardigan from Old Navy might be something that I need to HUNT DOWN!!! :D Hugs

  2. Cute outfits, love the floral shirt from Nordstrom, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. i.love.it. ALL! you are adorable, and i love your style!

  4. I wish we had most of those shops in Australia. You look great! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Those riding boots are great! Wonderful outfits!

  6. As usual I love this post and you look adorable in every outfit.

  7. Love that Old Navy cardigan!

  8. i love that monday outfit...SO cute...the gap sweater and that cute scarf!

    thanks for stopping by today! i am going to try to do this next week too!

  9. You're so fashionable! My favorite outfit is the secnd to last one....jeans, pink sweater and scarf...so cute!


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