Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

That was it, just wanted to get the pictures of me off front page...sort of tired of looking at myself HA!

More on this piece of artwork later.
Right now I have a little birthday prep to do for a 3 year old little boy.

Happy Day to you!


  1. I LOOOOVE your outfits from yesterday. So cute. Every one of them. Hope your gsale went well too. Have a super party. Can't wait to hear about it. BUt, that artwork... oh my. Need to know more! xoxo

  2. I like the artwork, but I want to know about the lamps!

    Happy Bday to S!!

  3. Love the deer! :) However, I was wondering if you finished the project with the blue frame from a few posts back? Am hoping it will inspire me to do something with the lovely old frame I brought home recently...


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