Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Get a Clean, Sand-free Little Girl That Smells Good Too!

Here's my fool-proof method to removing sand after a day at the beach:
Take one sandy little girl
Sprinkle on good old fashioned baby powder
go ahead, don't be shy, sprinkle on liberally
rub the sand off, be gentle, you don't need to use much force
and just like magic,
the sand disappears
no tears, no fussing, just a clean and fresh smelling little girl minus a ton of sand that will undoubtedly get all over your car.  better yet, give the kids the bottle and they will keep themselves occupied for at least 20 minutes watching the magic happen, giving you plenty of time to pack up your things.  packing up is always my most hated part of leaving the beach.  do you have any other tips to saving your sanity at the beach?  please share.  we have 2 more beach days before Taylor starts school (we go every Friday to the same spot with the same group of friends).  I plan to try and enjoy every minute of it.
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. ok...wow...i have just sat down with a glass of wine...plonked 4 kiddos in front of the tele...well the new scarey *alice in wonderland*- not rec for anyone under 9!! and thought i'd catch up on your life....well i have had to had a big gulp on the last post & now want to say....i think you are spot on...you need to blog for yourself and no-one else...i know that some women are prof bloggers...& it's lovely to visit them daily...but i also adore to visit the women that balance a zillion things in their lives and then still find the urge to post on a regular blog...initially i too felt the need to post everyday with something original and witty...but now i post when i want to and when about what makes up my life, regardless of whether anyone is reading or not....& i have also recognised that the women who are now regularly part of my life, through my blog are the same women that i would like to have lunch with, a cup of tea with or a glass of wine with.....
    i wish you soo much luck in your working life...i hope you are blessed with *real* work/life balance....& their are many of us who visit you regularly...maybe we just need to let each other know more...
    melissa x

  2. nope. baby powder on sandy kid is about all i got.
    it's a super great tip.
    that and apply sun screen.

    (i'm a wealth of beachy advice!)

    so hope you have a great rest of your vacation.
    trying not to be bitterly jealous while i sit here and comment. i mean work.

  3. I've heard this works but had not seen it in action. now I'll have to try it.

  4. I've been gone for two weeks, so I'm commenting again on this post to make sure you get this comment. I just read your last post, and I can't believe how your last year has gone.

    One thing I've learned from life outside the blogging bubble is that no one can judge someone else. You're going back to work? Good for you. Especially when it sounds like you've put so much thought into it. People think you're crazy or a bad person, screw 'em.

    I've recently had the same blogging epiphany, and frankly, I'm DONE catering to the lowest common denominator just to increase readership. I rock, and if you don't want to read me, again, screw 'em.

    Just know there are those of us out here who are friends and support you. We'll be waiting when you find a moment or two and we'll take you as we can get you.

    All's I ask is that we still occasionally get a fashion show. Because if I don't, I may seriously reconsider all I've written. :)

    Good luck, and I hope the transition will be kind to you.

  5. wow! wish i would of read this a few days ago! now my car is full of sand! yuck! thanks for sharing!


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