Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Subsrcibing to Blogs

As my readership has grown slowly over the past several months, I am always curious to see who decides to follow along and subscribe to my blog, and then subsequently who decides to unsubscribe.

I have only noticed a couple of people that have unsubscribed from my blog, but when it happens I think "Hmm, was it something I said?"  I think about it for a few minutes and then move on, but I do think about it.

So I ask you, along with the comments thing, do you also wonder about your "followers"?  Who they are, why they choose to follow, what they like about your blog, etc.?

I myself have unsubscribed from blogs over the course of time, usually due to a few reasons:
1. they didn't post often enough so I really just wanted to clean up my subcsriptions
2. they never seemed to acknowledge comments left by their readers, emails were left unanswered, etc.  I once emailed a blogger when I subscribed and became her 100th follower (not huge right?), just wanted to say hi and tell her how much I loved her blog.  Crickets.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and continued to read and comment.  After about 2 months of just silence and a couple of more emails, I gave up.  I guess I take things a little too personally?
3. When I first subscribed I thought the blog was about A), but then after reading for a while I realized that the post I liked so much was a fluke and she never posted anything similar again, so the blog was really about B)

Recently I am noticing that even when I come across blogs I love, I have been limiting my subscriptions just because I have a hard enough time right now reading the ones I subscribe to, that I feel I can't add anymore. I just cleaned out the clutter a bit and unsubscribed from a few, in hopes of adding more!

I do want to say "THANK YOU!" to some of the new followers here at my blog.  I can't help but get excited when I notice someone new has decided to join along.  It makes me happy and I appreciate it.  So thanks :)

Anyhow, just sort of more ramblings over here.  I'm taking a little break from accounting stuff at the office to say hi and ramble!  Tomorrow I'm taking the kiddos to Watson's Pharmacy, an original soda fountain drug store.  I'll be taking lots of pictures so look out for a post about our day tomorrow!

have a great hump day everyone!

oh and PS, I have to say how much I love my husband.  Yes, I get annoyed with him and get temperamental, but it is moments like this, when I throw two huge life-changing curve balls his way, that he just supports me and says "Let's do this."  He is amazing.  Thanks Art, you are my Ricky and I am your Lucy :)


  1. Hey, Andrea! I love to see a new post from you. But, am I a "follower" if I subscribe via Google Reader? I am not at all blog-savvy.

    I usually unsubscribe if people get too preachy (my liberal genes can only take so much Obama bashing!) or are too boring/not as interesting as I thought they'd be or don't post often.

  2. I've had many of the same thoughts as you have mentioned.

    Often for me as a subscriber I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I just love all the great posts and ideas out there and find myself wanting to read everything. I get that way when I go to the library, too. :) But, I get overwhelmed and can't keep up..I end up forgetting what my real priorities are..

    I tend to un-subscribe if I discover the person and I don't have as much in common as I thought or if they rarely post. Rarely do I unsubscribe if I am offended. I think over the last year I've done that 3 times.

    Have fun at the soda fountain, sounds like a blast. Those places hold a lot of special memories.

  3. I too am a new subscriber through Google Reader so I am not sure if you count me. I do love your blog and look forward to it.

    I also tend to unsubscribe if I feel the fit just isn't there anymore. Have fun at Watson's! That place is awesome!

  4. Just found you via Clover Lane and I have to let you know that I have decided to follow. You got me at "I am your Lucy" Love that!

  5. Andrea,
    A post I could have written. I think the nature of blogging and the connections it stimulates naturally brings with it curiosity about these "friends" we make.
    What I love about blogging is getting different ideas and perspectives.
    And I hope you haven't cut me off your list! I may cry.

  6. fairly new follower. met you at blogsugar... love your blog!
    Watson Pharm is one of our customers!! they are the nicest people, well, the lab techs are anyway. have fun!

  7. Hey lady...
    You make some really good points and ones that I have thought about too. I feel really bad lately as I have not been really able to read/comment on folks' blogs lately. I just need some un-interrupted time in the morning to go hog wild and get my fix. YOu know? But, with summer, the time is unavailable. I didn't even know about "unsubscribing". I am such a novice! Let's get together soon... when it warms up!:)

  8. Have fun at the soda fountain. Your post reminded me that we have one close to where we live and it would be a great thing to do with my boys one of these long summer afternoons. I can't wait to see your pics.

  9. love your sweet p.s. to your hubby!! and I, like you, wish I could just invite all my readers over for coffee and get to know them! wouldn't that be such fun!

  10. Ditto, about the subscribing reasons! I think it's weird when people subscribe to you and then "Ask" you to subscribe to them. It's like fishing for friends. :)
    I keep my follower widget up because I figure other people can look at who's following me and check out their sites since if you're following me, you may have some of the same interests, right?
    Do a blog post on how you kept animals out of your garden!

  11. I followed you in the beginning...I think I was like your 34th subscriber or something...I should look. I started following you because Carrie told me to. You have stayed on my reading list because I admire your words. I appreciate that you have off days. I love that you put your children first. You have a great blog, and it's a shame anyone would unsubscribe. I'll be here until the very end...you can bet your bottom dollar.

    P.S. Just blogged about Watson's not long ago. Have a Shirley Temple for me!!

  12. I read Kimmie's Watsons post and put it on my summer To-Do list. Can't wait to hear about it from you too. Wow, you often write the things I was thinking about myself. THis is one of them.

  13. I hear you about the comment thing... I recently told a bunch of people about my blog.. and I put one of those fijits (sp?) things on that tells me where people are viewing me from... One day I had 63 readers and NONE of them left a comment... I felt like I must have been offending or boring people...Who knows.. I have been contemplating a "Come out, Come out, Where ever you are!" Type of post, encouraging people that they aren't unwanted voyeurs (even though some do like to snoop) but encouraged participants... There. I am done. Thanks.

  14. I think you've just increased my subscriber paranoia... your words came directly from my mind. And they also were a good reprimand, I for one, do not respond often enough to readers comments. Good post, ever better blog!

  15. interesting to see so many of you have had the same thoughts as me about subscribing and such. Here I thought I was the only one that thought about these things!


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