Monday, July 19, 2010

scenes from a desert weekend:

golf course views
desert butterfly
mountain and palm tree view
The Nest, est. 1965 (in case you can't read the sign)
mommas cutting loose on the dance floor
wild british woman cutting lose on the dance floor
piano bar flair
piano bar man shirt flair
guest piano bar man
iconic desert flair
the knockout
swanky desert architecture
mama in egg chair
jonothan adler birds
smoothie shot
norma's donuts
trying to look cool, calm and collected whilst standing in 115 degree heat
 lemonade stand
fun pops of color
 pretty yellow shoes, perfectly suited for the desert sun

Scenes not included:
2 salami and cheese platters consumed, 4 bottles of wine drank, 3 boxes of Starbucks instant Via coffee gulped down, 8 blended margaritas slurped at the JW Marriott, countless twenty-something bodies at the Marriott pool, 1 bottle of 30 spf sunscreen, lots of magazines read, too many laughs too count, too many therapy tears shed (mainly by me, as the girls tried to walk me through one of the biggest decisions I will ever make), zero books read,1 huge house to get lost in, priceless memories made.

thanks girls.  i will never forget this trip.  ever.

p.s. thank you for all of the book recommendations made last week.  i compiled a list and attempted to go to 2 libraries friday night before i was set to meet up with the girls.  both were closed, hence, zero books read.  however, i plan to go today and first pick up the shack.


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Hope you have gotten some clarity and peace! I Am so excited you are going to read The Shack! I would love to so a mini bible study on it when you're done. Let me know :)

    Have a great day! Xoxo

  2. Great post! Way to capture the weekend, lots of fun:) FYI blogging world I don't normally have that look on my face while dancing!

  3. Oh WOW does that look like a great time :D I love the drink shots... MMMMmmmmm!

  4. This post was full of pretty... the colors of the lemonade stand make me swoon.

  5. therapy tears shed for free with friends are the very best kind! you looked chic in the heat baby!

  6. How much fun!!!! This mama could use a girls weekend for sure!

  7. Ok so I think I have this down!! - I comment here right? Anne help me...LOL.. great shots Andrea, I love the Martini glass and the smoothie!!! a very fun weekend... can't wait to go again...:) thanks for sharing xx

  8. how fun. great pictures for sure!
    the desert is one of my most favorite places to be :O)


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