Monday, July 5, 2010

Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom

I'm warning you now, LOTS of pictures are to follow.
And I didn't even take out my camera until about 7 pm.
Imagine what this post would look like if that weren't the case?
We started off our 4th celebration by heading next door to our neighbor Shelly & Reed's house for pool and bounce house time.  We only stayed until about 5 and then headed to my sis's house.

We ate a lot and mainly just hung out and watched the kids have fun.
I can't tell you how much I love that the kids have so many cousins their age.
It is such a blessing, especially since I never grew up with any close cousins.
It makes my heart happy every time I see them all together.
Thanks Tina and John and Carrie and Al (and their respective spouses) for populating this world with your broods.  My kids love your kids and that is awesome.

Syd was obsessed with this battery powered ride-on toy
Notice the ear plugs?  Genius idea on Art's part.  Syd has been extremely sensitive to noises lately and we knew the 4th was going to be a challenge.  So on our way out the door he grabbed these for him.  The ironic part was that these are my ear plugs that Art bought for me when Syd was a newborn.  I used them for those middle of the night "breaks" I was supposed to be getting when Art would take a night feeding, yet I could still hear him scream.  Ah, the irony of it all.
I love that every single child has some sort of food remnants on their faces, and no grown ups thought to clean it off the entire time.  And yes, these girls love each other a lot.  Hugs all night long.
Playing chase on the lawn of a neighbor and getting caught by Papa
And as the sun set, the fireworks began
Ooohhhs and Aaaahhhs
I was nervous about the sparklers, but when I saw how tame these are compared to the ones we had as a kid, I knew I had to let mine partake in this right of passage
I'm still a little freaked out though at how calm Syd was handling fire
We had lots of fireworks to look at
Between our own "Safe and Sane" box
The huge show 2 blocks over at the park
And the neighbor's illegal bunch across the street
There was never a dull moment
We got home at almost 11 pm
Syd and Taylor are still asleep at 9 am
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th
And what a treat, today is another national holiday and we have Art home with us
I'm putting him to work in the garage though
I better go and crack that whip
Happy Day Everyone!


  1. how fun!! i love that you guys got to have sparklers. they're illegal in az so we just had glow sticks. ha!! not quite the same, but we tried to make up for it by swimming in the dark with them.

  2. I love your photo heavy posts - the sparker/fire works pictures are especially "groovy"!!

  3. looks like a fun day! The effects of the sparkler photos is so cool....and my hubby was in the garage today too, he wants to get rid of all my "tresures" but he let me keep them until next garage cleaning day!:)

  4. looks like a fun day! The effects of the sparkler photos is so cool....and my hubby was in the garage today too, he wants to get rid of all my "tresures" but he let me keep them until next garage cleaning day!:)

  5. Great photos! I am so freaked out by fireworks - it sort of made mer nervous watching you holding them - but the one with the circle is an amazing photo. I keep a good distance even from a sparkler.

  6. Very fun! Your kids are adorable and man, that was super smart with the ear plugs!!Genius.

  7. Your daughter's dress is the CUTEST!

  8. Looks like it was a super fun day! Tay's dress looks adorable. I'd love to see it close up to really see how cute it is - great job!

  9. Love your pictures! What a happy holiday!

  10. Thanks guys! We had a great day and night. Nic, I'll email you a pic of the dress close up :)

  11. Your wonderful pictures of the children smiling an dplaying made me miss my nephews and neices. I think a visit is due on the cards. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Seriuosly amazing pictures! Love how you captured the wonder of it all!
    I found you on Jen's blog. So so glad!
    I also enjoyed your book review. Last month at the beach I noticed
    several people reading The Help.
    The fact that you mis it makes it sound wonderful!
    I'll be following so I can come back often!
    Have a great night!

  13. Evidences of a beautiful life... what a joy to partake through your pictures.


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