Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Light Summer Reads?

 I think I may have gotten a little overly ambitious.
I really am only going for 1 night, by myself, with the kids, that is,
to Legoland.
Yes, come to think of it, 3 books for 1 night?
Completely overly ambitious.
But I get giddy in a library.
The librarian herself couldn't have been more excited by my list.
These 3 were on it of course, in addition to
(anyone read this?)
I hear they're making a mini-series based on the book
When I asked my favorite blogger book nerd Jules if she had read it,
her answer was "Of course I've read that book."
In fact it was the librarian's personal mission to try and get me that book last night
But alas, both copies had vanished, and she looked me in the eye and declared,
"You have to get that book."
Alrighty then.

On another note though, I had asked for somewhat light summer reads last week.
And Mandy and Mel recommended The Shack
Which I will read, but upon further investigation, I don't think this book falls under the category
"light summer reads."
We'll see.  
If you don't hear from me in the next week, call in the search party.
I may have fallen into a book induced traumatized depression.
I'm sensitive like that.

Have a great week everyone.
I'll be back on Friday with Playgrounds & Lollipops.


  1. You won't regret ATGIB. Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy!

  2. So, I will be surprised if you even crack any of those open during your one night stay over with the kids. I was gone for TEN nights with the kiddos and neglected to get any of my reading done. But..... I hope you start with the Racing in the Rain one. I LOOOOOOVED it. (Did I tell you to pick that one up? I have told many-a-folks to get that book read!) We have our book club on it next week and I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks.
    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I LOVED Pillars of the Earth! So good! I have a copy if you are interested. :) Have fun reading!

  4. I get giddy in a library as well... my night stand is weighed down with books.
    Can't help myself.

  5. i get giddy and greedy at the library! do you have a PLAC card? ask your librarian about that :)

    i have been wanting to read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", but it keeps falling to the bottom of my list.

    you might like "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barberry; the vocabulary/language usage is lovely :)


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