Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fad Food - Sucka

I'm a sucker for fads and trends.  While luckily my taste in clothing trends has been refined and I have learned what trends I can pull off, and what trends to steer clear of - read - jeggings, my love for fad food is firmly intact; ie, Pinkberry, cupcakes, cake pops, you name it.  So when I started catching wind about a year ago of these gourmet "roach-coaches" that have been making their way around the hipster LA scene, I knew I had to give it a try.  We encountered one at the LA Zoo a few months back and their clever spin on a churro had me reeling.  Last night on my way home from work I spotted a Kogi BBQ truck traveling next to me on the 105.  I looked up their twitter account and found out they would be just a short 5 miles away from me.  After a quick call to Art, we devised a plan to grab the kids and head on out for a taste of Korean BBQ out of the back of a truck.  We picked up the neighbors along the way.
"I don't know what this is but I like it!"
The food was very flavorful and chock full of toppings, almost too much for my taste though.  I guess my palate has been refined a bit too.  We tried almost everything on the menu including all 3 tacos, a quesadilla, sliders and a hot dog.   While the adventure was fun and different, it hit me later that night after I realized that we had spent almost $40 on truck food, that I had sort of been claimed a sucker.  Even better was the $5 ice creams being sold out of the neighboring ice cream truck, that was really just a glorified paleta man.  Next time I'll tell all those hipsters waiting in line to go visit any number of vendors selling out of a shopping cart in my hood, Slauson in Vernon.


  1. For sure i'ts a fad. I would probably try it just to see if I was missing anything. It makes me think of when I was a kid and we would have fish 'n chip trucks (vans) come up our streets every night. The local guy Antonio Bordone was famous for frying up his fish while puffing on a cigarette,gross how did I survive?
    Tasty though,mmmmmm

  2. I have been obsessed with food trucks lately too! Last weekend there were 4-5 trucks at a local car dealership, so I brought my 2-year-old with me to check it out. I spent about $15 and tried 3 different trucks (of which 2 were dessert), but my favorite thing was an Almond Joy cupcake off the Oh For Sweets Sake truck!

  3. if you don't feel like chasing these trucks down, they congregate in venice on abbott kinney for first fridays. and you can get kogi anytime at the alibi room in culver city. have you watched the great food truck race?

  4. So far my obsession with these trucks is limited to this one falafel truck that is usually only up here in San Francisco. I seriously dream about their falafel sandwiches with many toppings and the accompanying sweet potato fries. But now that you mention it, it is quite pricey! I'm totally suckered. Hmmmmm....

  5. Thanks for including us in your adventure! Definitely an experience. I like the fact that we had three little ones running around on the grassy parking median while we sat on the curb with ants trying to eat. LOL! Good times!

  6. your little boy has curls just like my wilder's. for a minute there i thought wilder was on YOUR blog..i'm a total dodo.

    neat blog.


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