Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Kid & His Moves

You will never comprehend the power of this kid.  The utter cool factor that embodies every curl, every eyelash, every expression on his dough like face.  The rhythm that can never be stopped.  The constant soundtrack that plays in his head, that keeps him moving.  It may be a little Brandon Flowers, or a little Black Eyed Peas.  Heck, the kid can even find a way to groove to a worship song from the Cedarmont Kids
You watch him break dance and think, "holy crap, no one ever made a pull up look so funky fresh."  He even looks cool sporting a white man's overbite and doing a little Saturday Night Fever.
All the while, leaving the ladies smiling, begging for more.
This my friends, is magic. 

This may or may not be the final post I pull from the depths of thumbs.  It will depend on Adam Lopez, and the 24-70 L lens he supposedly holds in his possession down the 405 in Venice.  Fingers crossed.  You don't want to see what else I've got hidden in these depths people.  It's all down hill from here on out and it could get very, very scary. 


  1. Goodnight nurse... that boy is too much. A doll, for certain, with all the right moves!

  2. Oh my goodness, he and his awesome moves are way too cute!

  3. Those faces are classic! Get down, Syd!

  4. Oh my, he is so darn cute! I love all of his moves and THE FACES! Those faces are hysterical. What a little guy that Syd is :D

  5. love the face. (i've seen the same face on many grown men while dancing. must be a guy thing)
    he's adorable. and looooooove the curls!


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