Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making Me Happy This Morning

A late night trip to El Pollo Loco had me up all night with heartburn, sorry is that too much information?  Especially for the first line?  Oopsy.

So since I couldn't sleep, I hopped on my little computer here to send a few emails and read a few blogs and look at some pictures, and order a couple of things on Amazon.  Wow, I've done a lot in the last 45 minutes!

This post gave me a flippin' good chuckle this morning.  I love Jules. 

I'm still reeling over Sunday night's episode of this show.  It is pure genius and like a fine wine, keeps getting better with time.  If you aren't watching this show yet, what's your problem?  Seriously.

I just ordered two sets of these awesome pens.  One to give as a gift to this wonderful lady, and one to give away to a lucky reader next week!

I'm also giving away one of my book bags next week to tie in with this lovely lady.  Have I peeked your interest yet?

This picture of my homegrown lettuce we used to make a salad made me happy to look at this morning (never mind my no-make up look, I had just had a facial and was trying to go glunk free for a few hours.
These pictures also made me happy.  Good reminders of a great night spent with friends over the weekend.  (Look at Syd's face)
Are you still daydreaming about the weekend on a Tuesday?

And I will leave you with this.  Sunday was the day that Tucker for Target was released in stores.  I managed to get there by 5 pm and picked up three pieces, one of them being the bright tunic you see below.  Best purchase in a long time.  I can tell I'm going to have a slight obsession with this fun and colorful piece.
 And look at the back!  LOVE! (p.s. yes, that is a side swept ponytail I'm sporting ala 80's)
 Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Love the tunic - I may have to get the same one as it is my favorite from peeking at the website - twins???
    I've been up early this am too- sometimes it is nice to start the day with some me time before the kiddos are up :)

  2. Love the new shirt - were you guys at Pretend City in the pics?

  3. Too many awesome things to comment on, so I'm gonna pick my favorite... Syd's face! Bwahaha - that kid is HIlarious! Between the faces and his dance moves - he's bound to be a performer! Lol. Thx for sharing! By the way - after searching many stores for the pens you like so much, I finally found them at Aaron Brothers. FYI!

  4. Hopefully we won't wear our tunics on the same day! I got that one too! Looks great with your dark hair though.

  5. i went to target last night and looked through that line. that tunic was by far my favorite piece. and the orange tweedy skirt.

    that boy of yours cracks.me.up!

  6. LOVE the tunic!
    (and your sideswept pony)
    And, although the proof is in the pics that we were at the same place at the same time last night, I missed catching you to say hello!
    Hope you had fun. I know we did!

  7. Love it all...especially the tunic, Julie & Heather!

  8. The tunic is so cute! I am going to have to get to Target this week! I'm hoping it won't be too picked over!

  9. Gosh your lettuce looks store bought, I am so impressed! And Tucker for Target awesome, even better with the ponytail;)

  10. Love that tunic! I've been wanting one of the new Tucker for Target pieces... Crossing my fingers they're still in stock at my store!

  11. New here...I wanted to say you had me at El Pollo Loco because I love that place. I love in OHIO but I have family in LA and I go there when I visit...love it.


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