Monday, September 13, 2010

Spray Painting Fools!

I wish I could see one project through to the end before starting another one.  But the crazy person that I am thinks that would be too logical.  I like to make things harder for myself remember?  So this weekend I stole some time to wrap up a couple of projects that had been waiting in the wings.

Starting with this chartreuse green birdcage I had found at Home Goods a couple of months back.  When I saw it I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.  But for $14.99, I knew I could put it to use.
When I brought it home Taylor immediately snatched it up and proceeded to make an elaborate trail to attract, and subsequently catch a bird for the little birdhouse.  Inside the house was a paper plate with peanut butter, nuts and seeds, and flower petals to catch the bird's attention.  This trap was a permanent fixture on our front lawn for about 3 weeks until we started noticing snails and worms taking up refuge in the house.  Ewww gross.  The gardener, knowing its significance, paid careful attention to move it on and off the lawn each week when he mowed.
 I gave it a good washing, and decided that the house had to go in Taylor's room.  After a couple of coats of spray paint, it became a delightful little addition to her room.
I also finished up this sweet little chair that I picked up at the Salvation Army a while back.  There are no before pictures because the refab process started during that time when our camera had taken a dump.  It was a dark oak finish before and just had a boring beige seat cover.  I painted it with a coat of Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper Pink and covered the seat with a simple cotton canvas striped fabric I found at Joann's.
And remember that bathroom redo we started back in May?  Well the project was completed shortly thereafter I blogged about it, but I have been dragging my heels on completing it with finishing touches because I just hadn't found the right items, mainly a shelving unit to hang above the toilet.  Well, I finally found a fairly cheap shelf from UrbanOutfitters.com, and I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

For now though, I spray painted this badly stained little tray I nabbed at Goodwill for $1, and added it to the bathroom to hold the kid's toiletry items.
When the shelf gets hung I will take pictures of the entire room and post the whole redo. For now, here's a little sneak peek. 
Notice the orange tissue holder in the background?  That coral was my inspiration color for the whole bathroom.
We had a great weekend and did quite a few other things, but this was how we spent the better part of our Sunday.  Spray painting fools we were.  Now to go use that cute little hedgehog nail scrubber to get the paint off my fingers!  I'm linking up to Heather's Making It Lovely Monday!


  1. I go pretty spray paint crazy too! I love that bird cage! So cute!

  2. LOVE the birdcage....great idea and way to make it your won again:)

    Statements in Fashion

  3. oh emm geeee
    how cute is every last piece!!?
    love the tray. and the hedgehog is pretty cute, too.
    the chair ispires me to go thrifting. oh happy day!

  4. i love spray paint, probably more then is proper. and i LOVE the way your projects turned out. so glad you linked up!!

  5. p.s. i love how taylor lovely-ed up the bird cage to attract a new friend!

  6. everything looks great...I suddenly feel the urge to spray paint something now too! :)

  7. I'm afraid of spray paint... LOVE the birdcage!

  8. Oh I am super excited by this. I have a black bird cage that I was thinking of getting rid of. Seeing it in the green makes me want to just "funky" it up a bit and gain a renewed appreciation for it! I'm thinking turquoise.

  9. Super cute...I love spray painting new life into things. I'm intrigued by the toothbrush holder in the bathroom. Do you remember where you got it?


  10. i really love all those projects. i see things like that at estate sales all the time but my brain doesn't comprehend what the COULD be. thanks for the ideas!

  11. you are nobodies fool baby - you can wrestle a spray paint can away from me any day of the week, you make magic!

  12. I love the tooth brush holder as well. Is it an old floral frog? Thanks!


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