Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tales From The Style Blogger Crypt - Trussing A Chicken

Good Morning Kendi,
I thought I would share with you what it is like for a mom of 2 when she tries to take pictures for her style blog.  See, she got dressed real cute-like to go to the flea market in the morning, by herself, and she thought, “gee, wouldn’t the flea market be the cutest place to take pictures for my style blog?”  Why yes, it sure would be, but you are alone remember Mom Style Blogger?

“Oh that’s right.” 

So when Mom Style Blogger gets home, she says to her husband of 11 years, “Hey honey, can we go back to the flea market and take pictures for my blog in a little bit?”  He gives a stare that implies, “No”, and Mom Style Blogger asks “is that a bad idea?”  Dear husband says, “Yes, that is a terrible idea.”  Mom Style Blogger has to agree, because she knows deep down that loading two young children in the car just for them to sit in the car while mom and dad take pictures is torture for them, which equals torture for the parents in the long run.  Something akin to the feeling of hot pokers in the eye.  Ask your sister Kendi, she would probably agree.

So Mom Style Blogger says to her dear husband, “Let’s take pictures of me in the kitchen while I cook dinner then?”  He really at this point doesn’t have an out, so he agrees.

Long story short, the photo shoot turned out ridiculous because a) even though Mom Style Blogger wore her cute head scarf all day, she certainly in real life wouldn’t wear it in a kitchen with a preheated 400 degree oven going, so  the whole shoot is unbelievable and hence doomed from the beginning.  And b) the husband couldn’t get a decent shot anyhow, and so Mom Style Blogger ended up wielding a knife, wearing a really ugly twisted expression, yelling “Take a damn picture of my shoes!”  Not a pretty moment for Mom Style Blogger.  Not pretty at all.

Attached are a couple shots from said epic fail photo shoot.  Enjoy, and hope this tale from the style blogger crypt brought a smile to your face.

Mom Style Blogger
 The chicken that refused to defrost after 8 hours of defrosting
"Now what am I going to do with this damn thing?"
"Stop messing around and just take some pictures okay, I'm hot!"
"Oh wait, I'm supposed to be happy and smiling, not angry and psychotic"
"Why are you taking pictures of me slicing an onion?  This is an outfit post, not a recipe post."
You can see I'm starting to fume here. Look a the exasperated under bite.
"I'm gonna throw this bag of carrots at you!"
 "Seriously, stop messing around!  I'm holding a knife mister!"
"My wife is scaring me right now."
"I'm over it. I'm gonna feed the dog now."


  1. Ha Ha Ha, this is the way we should take our pics with some real life emotion showing. I always meant to ask if your neighbours are cool with Art outside snappin' pics of his missus everyday in the yard?
    Did you eventually get the chicken defrosted?

  2. Oh, my! I needed a good laugh. I am wearing the shirt I slept in - LAST NIGHT. And, it's 10pm. I only left the house today to go into the back house and briefly in the front yard to plant some seeds. I gotta say I LOVE the pic holding he frozen chicken and the one at the fridge. At least you look nice while going crazy and psychotic!! I only just look crazy. :) Can't wait to see you soon.

  3. This absolutely cracked me up! You are too funny... and that head scarf is adorable!

    P.S.~ Isn't Kendi wonderful? I just love her!

  4. Best look I've ever seen anyone wearing while defrosting a chicken.

  5. You are a NUT!!! (in the nicest possible way) But, you still look fantastic :D Love the look - even with the Crazy Eyes. Hee

  6. hahahaha...this is hilarious!! maybe if i dressed nicer in the kitchen my food would turn out better. just a though.

  7. This is hilarious! Love this post. Just was on Whatever and saw your session with Meg. She is my blog crush all the way. No fair you got your picture taken with her...jealous:) Very cute blog you have here!

  8. Tell me another story... pweeeease?!

    LOL! You guys are cute.

    Love your nice, new spiffy blog. ♥

  9. This is soooo Andy and I.....especially the "I'm going to throw carrots at you" bit. Love it.


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