Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exciting News Here If You Read this Blog Post!

It's finally here!  Registration for Blog Sugar 2011 opens up today people.  TODAY!  Wondering what the heck Blog Sugar is?  Head on over to our lovely new home that Heather created for us HERE.  Meet you back here in 3 minutes.

Isn't it sweet?  I'm so excited to be on board and help to plan another successful and amazing event with Rachel.  We also have Jen on board to make sure Rachel and I don't get too sassy and hopefully she won't take any incriminating photos of us during late night brainstorming sessions (check out her head shot - she looks dynamite right?).

But this time did you notice we're all legit?  Too legit to quit for sure.  We have our own venue, because let's be honest, while hosting such a sweet event at someone's home was a great way to start off, we're growing and are ready to offer some amazing, BIG things that just wouldn't fit into someone's home!

Starting off with a Key Note Speaker and a group of Panel Discussions, all led by some of the biggest (and sweetest) names in blogging.  Meg, Heather, Gussy, Nish, Laura, Julie and Jeannett are all on board to bring some sweetness into your life and blog.  We are thrilled that the stars all aligned (and that Rachel has super power persuasion skills) and we are able to offer such an amazing group of talented and inspiring women.

So head back on over to the blog and check out all sorts of fun links.  Please visit our Facebook page and give us a thumbs up "Like" if you'd be so kind.  You can email Rachel or myself with questions. 

And of course, you can REGISTER today!  That's another thing we have going for us this time around, our own registration page (hello!).  We are truly, truly excited for Blog Sugar 2011.  I hope to speak to and meet many of you in just a few short months. 

So who's on board?!?


  1. can't wait to meet all of you amazing ladies! whoopwhoop!

  2. So, is this just for SoCal bloggers? I don't want to get excited about this and then find out that midwest bloggers are banned. ;o) I'm seriously considering this. SERIOUSLY. Just talked to the husband about it... he is so supportive. Next step would be rearranging my schedule for the daycare... that part is NOT so easy. Looks awesome! And so many of you that I've been wanting to meet!!!!

  3. I want to go! I lived in LB till I was 12, I'm sure I can find someone to move in with for a week or two before Blog Sugar happens ;]

  4. Just found your blog thru the blogsugar site...I love reading Sarah and Meg...and will now add you to the list. What a great event--I just started blogging in January--I'm going to purchase a ticket now: )

  5. Wait, I'm in charge of keeping the sassy at bay? Have we met??? : ) We're gonna need a chaperone! Ha!

  6. dude you guys ARE legit. you aren't messin around. real venue, celebrity (to us) bloggers, and did i hear cupcakes??!!


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