Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spending/Giving Recap Reminder & A Lesson About Blogging

Hi Friends.  I am happily flying home to my sweet, patient family.  As suspected, my time in NY went by very quickly and I hardly got accustomed to the pulsating music in the hotel lobby before it was time to pack up and head home.  My babies will be asleep by the time I get home, but it won't stop me from sneaking into their rooms and kiss and squeeze them, and be there in the morning when they wake.  I'm working in Taylor's classroom from 8-10, then Syd's class from 10-12.  Yes, I will be exhausted, but I will be with them. 

I was planning on posting the linky party tomorrow for the Buy Less Give More February spending recap, but realistically, what was I thinking?  I land tonight at 10:30, by the time I get home it will be almost midnight, and will be spending much needed time with my family in the morning.  So with that being said, the post and linky will go up Friday, I pinky swear.  I do hope some of you will participate.  I would love for all of us to share our experiences in saving money, spending more thoughtfully, and giving more fully.  It can be just a simple little post, nothing fancy at all.

In the past couple of weeks I have been really thinking about how I can be more intentional with my time and how I spend it.  One of my biggest time sucks is this blog of mine.  I've never had a hobby that I love as much as blogging, but at the end of the day it is just that, a hobby.  I blog at night after the kids go to bed or early in the morning before the kids wake up, so theoretically my blog does not interfere with "family time."  But in the last couple of weeks as a few minor domestic mishaps occured having to do with forgotten tickets and lost mail, I realized that in a roundabout way whether I want to admit it or not, the blog does somewhat interfere with family time.  At night instead of routinely opening mail, putting away clean clothes, paying bills, and all those other mundane daily tasks, I blog, often leaving these tasks for the weekend.  Or early in the morning instead of getting showered and ready for the day before the kids wake up, I blog, leaving us rushed to get out the door in time.

So last week I focused on doing my grown up tasks first and foremost, leaving less time for posting.  It wasn't fun, but it brought a much needed amount of peace to our household.  We were ready on time and Taylor was at school with plenty of time to spare.  A few of the things I focused on were:
  • Dishes were done and counters were wiped clean each night instead of in the morning
  • Mail was sorted daily, junk mail thrown out and bills marked with due dates
  • School papers were sorted through and important dates were marked on the calendar
  • Clean clothes were put in their proper spots right away
  • Each night I also did a quick sweep of the house and picked up a bit
  • I spent any extra downtime I had with my husband, or on the computer doing some research into resources to help Taylor with her reading and completing traffic school
  • Before the kids wake up we have been trying to get ourselves ready and have breakfast made
While I love a neat and orderly house, I am not a fanatic, so things can pile up for a few days before it starts to bother me.  Usually the pile up occurs throughout the week and so by the weekend, we have a substantial enough of a mess that it does in fact bother me, making me cranky and irritable.  I snap when I shouldn't and end up spending 2 hours cleaning the house when I could have spent 15 minutes each night.  I know I'm not the only one that does this, right?  :)

So while blogging is infinitely more fun and self-rewarding then say, paying my bills, a well run household brings infinitely more peace to my life.

All this to say that 2-3 weeks ago, I would have sacrificed sleep tonight to get that February spending recap up and posted tomorrow, and driven myself crazy in the process.  But the new grown up me says that I need sleep and rest and family time, so linky parties are going to have to wait :) 

How do you find the balance between fitting in blogging, family life, and running a household?

Looking forward to Friday friends!


  1. balance is hard! one of the things i've done is give myself a time limit and limit my blogging and other writing endeavors to certain days only. also since i commute via the train to work - i generally compose while riding and my mind is less cluttered w/ things that need to get done around here. i do often fall short and look up only to realize it's past MY bedtime and i havent even begun to prepare for the next day. but i love this hobby of mine and it makes me feel good so i will keep working on that balancing act and hope i don't drop anything too big!
    good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just had the same revelation this week, and guess who didn't link up her 30 for 30 recap to my usual Weds linky parties? But my house is so much cleaner and organized now!

  3. I can't do anything until everyone is in bed. This allows me to be sitting tapping away at the keyboard up until midnight or until my eyes close and my finger twitches on whatever was the last key, whichever comes first.

    I thought this was funny...

    •I spent any extra downtime I had with my husband, or on the computer doing some research into resources to help Taylor with her reading and completing traffic school

    I thought it was Taylor beside me on the freeway the other day.....

  4. I blog during the "free play" time with the daycare kids, during their naptime, and at night when my own children are doing their own things. If the whole family is home, I spend time with them. I'm late with posts, don't post as often, etc when family life is busy. I just can't allow it to interfere with my time with them.

    But at the same time, my family knows that the blog is my hobby. And like all hobbies it's okay for me to take time away from them to spend time alone with the blog. I've done a pretty good job keeping in balanced.

    It IS easy to get overwhelmed with it all... especially when so many mom bloggers are working on their blogs full time. We just can't compete with that.

  5. Andrea - I always love your honesty! I totally understand what you are saying. I believe that we can all make time for the things that we ENJOY doing. But, of course, we have to make sacrifices. For example, I hardly watch TV anymore because i spend so much time blogging. A trade-off that I am fine with. However, I find that I don't read nearly as much, which is something that I want to make more time for. The problem with blogging is that it gets a little addicting :D I hope you find the right balance, sounds like you are taking the right steps. You are such a talented writer, photographer and FASHIONISTA I would miss you around blogland if you gave it up completely!!! Enjoy your family day :D

  6. I was feeling the same way yesterday; I've gotten into the habit now of posting 5x a week, and last night, I just hit a brick wall. No inspiration whatsoever, and I realized it was because, this week, I chose to read, work outside, cook, and do laundry instead. Not every week can we do it all. And if blogging is a hobby, something we're supposed to enjoy, then the last thing I want to do is turn it into a chore. So that doesn't really help you at all, lol, but know you're not alone, and most of the pressure we feel comes from ourselves, not from anyone else. Enjoy your family today!

  7. So interesting you should post this now. I just wrote about how I wished I had more time to blog but at this point in the game, I do not.
    In addition to that, I have also learned that it is easy to justify spending time with my blog as my down time, away from the kids at the end of the day time, at the expense of time with my husband. And while he is infinitely supportive and patient and encouraging about my blog, I know that there are times when I have hurt him by choosing to blog rather than to be with him.
    At times I feel entitled, "I need some ME time!" but in the end, what will matter more?
    So often times I chose to cuddle on the couch with my man, read with him, do our Bible-study, or talk. And that often means I don't get in a blog at night.
    It has been hard for me to let it go, but so very worth it.
    I am learning to be a grown up too. :)
    Great post!
    Love from,

  8. wow, thanks guys...good to see so many of you feel the same way. Art is completely encouraging and supportive of the blog, since he did always encourage me to find a hobby. But he has said that sometimes he feels that I put the blog first before spending time with him, which I know I have. I don't know how I will continue to fit it all in, but I will do my darndedst to try. I love this space and I will absolutely not give it up (don't worry Brooke!), but I just need to be more mindful of the type of posts I do and how much time they take up. That outfit post I did last week where I posted different looks for work wear took over 3 hours to research, write and edit, and got I think 2 comments. Where as these posts I have been writing while traveling have received numerous comments. No, of course it's not all about the comments, but it is clear to see what my readers respond to more. Gerry, love that you caught that about the traffic school and Taylor...now that i go back and re-read it, it does sound like I was researching traffic school for Taylor haha!

  9. love all the conversation happening here today! Personally, I've come to believe "balance" is an illusion that i can never reach, and that the best i can do is continue to listen to God and my family, put their needs above my own, and remain flexible. our schedules and everyone's needs are always in a state of flux, and therefore, my time spent on my hobbies, like blogging, needs to be held loosely too. as far as my actual posts, i try to ask myself, "is this something i just want to hear myself say, or is it something that may really benefit someone?" that sometimes stops me from sitting down to my computer. i'm proud of you for making those hard grown-up choices! great reminder to stay on top of our priorities.


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