Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking Off

Thank you all so much for the beautiful and thoughtful comments on Friday's post.  It's so reassuring to know I can be myself here, and that you guys are willing to provide words of encouragement and love.  By the way, I called and apologized to my mamacita and we are all good.  I felt so much better after we spoke.

I've been a bit conflicted about the direction of this blog for a few months now.  I originally started this space as a family blog, then turned it into a life-style blog about a year ago.  I intentionally added the hyphen to the life-style part because I never saw this place as purely a lifestyle blog where I just focus on pretty things, but more of a blog about life + style.  It was a play on words that I'm sure no one ever got but me, and that's okay.  I figured it allowed me to blog about life, the good and bad which is so important to me, plus blog about style.

Since then though I've built a mixed audience, some that read just for the style posts and some that could care less, as well as plenty of you that read for both.  I've felt for a long time though that I've been holding back, not blogging too much about style in fear of turning off some readers, as well as because it just sometimes feels odd sharing so much about my life and kids one day and then the next day showing which outfit I'm wearing.  A little confusing, a little schizophrenic if you will.
(me, tristan and jules)
On Friday night I went to the Decor 8 book signing with Jules and met Tristan from Besotted Brand for the first time.  Afterwards we went to dinner with a few other bloggers including Alexandra, and Holly Becker herself, who is beyond sweet and down to earth.  At dinner I also sat next to stylist/photographer Leslie Shrewing from A Creative Mint.  I have to say considering my post on Friday about letting go of looking good, it was a bit ironic and overwhelming to be sitting at a table with such inspiring, talented and yes, stylish women.  Once I got over my discomfort of feeling like the odd one out who doesn't really read design blogs, I had a lovely time.  We ate French food outdoors, drank wine, laughed and shared a lot.  Nothing in particular was said that night to help me come to my decision, but it just occurred to me almost through inspiration osmosis somewhere between the steamed artichokes and the warm goat cheese salad that it was time to split off and start a style blog.

So as soon as I can finalize a name and design, I'll be blogging about all things style over at a new space.  I love reading so many style blogs and think they all have something worthwhile to contribute, but I've also felt that there is a bit of a void for women like me.  Women in their late 20's, 30's and beyond, whether you're a mom or not, who want real, practical and simple inspiration for creating your own personal style.  So I want to evolve Playgrounds & Lollipops once and for all and feature more personal outfits and give advice, inspiration and tips for what helps me get dressed every day.  I want to focus on women of all shapes, sizes and ages and want to feature friends and readers as well.  I want to find creative ways to shop your own closet and turn something old into something you love again.  And I don't want to create a space where I curate items that just leave you and me feeling like I want, NEED more stuff.  Unless it's to highlight fantastic, other-wordly items like the Missoni for Target line because hello, everyone needs to know about those gems!

So in a way I'm starting all over but I'm excited and you know what?  I'm not scared!  And that is such a relief.  I will continue to blog here at Four Flights of Fancy, but I'll leave this space as a place where I can blog about everything else that I cherish in my life; my family, my home, my food and my heart.  You don't have to read both, but I'd be tickled pink if you did :)

So guys, can you help me come up with a name for my new blog?  Here are some ideas I've been tossing around in my head.  I don't know if I LOVE any of them so I'm open to suggestions and honest opinions :)

Credible Style (not to be confused with incredible)
Seasoned Style (does this make you think of meat seasoning though?)
Inspired By (I'll be writing a lot about inspiration)
Muted Style (I think my style is a bit toned-down & simple, Art loves this one but Miranda said no)
AV Style (my middle name is Victoria)
Newly Minted (does this make you think of coins/money though?)
In Step (does this make you think of dancing?)

Do you guys like any of these?  Please chime in.  In the meantime I'm also on the hunt for a blog designer that specializes in Wordpress because I'm switching over for the new blog.  Any suggestions, pretty please?

Thanks again guys!  I'm excited and I hope (some of) you are excited too!  Here's to fresh beginnings! 


  1. How exciting, Andrea! I'm happy for you and this new journey.

    Here is my two cents:

    *Chosen Thread

    Can you tell I like one word titles?

    Whatever you choose, I'll read both.

  2. I love the idea and I will read both :) I don't know where exactly you came up with the "Four Flights of Fancy", but I've always loved that title.....I'm thinking "Four Flights of Fashion" would be great! You can still keep your same twitter, facebook, etc. names/ID's and you will easily be recognized by people that already know of you. And the websites could be linked together so people that are subscribed to one can read the other if they so choose. I wish you the best of luck and I know it will be a success!

  3. well, i never. a meal with holly becker!! wow.

    i love the av style, because it is from your gorgeous name.
    inspired by is great, too.

    also, dressform, rachel's suggestion, is fun!

    when i think of you, i think:
    and if i wasn't so tired, i would do some brainstorming with those words;)

  4. so, i know this is might sound boring, but i LOVE the name playgrounds and lollipops. i think it instantly makes fashion more approachable, which really encompasses everything you're moving towards. plus, i like the modern sound of it. i also like fancy.
    i can imagine a simple script that's approachable and unfussy, just like your fashion philosophy.

  5. I'm so excited for you! I have no suggestions for blog names. Personally, I hate mine, so I'm afraid to even suggest one!

  6. I agree with Heather - I love the idea of using the name Playgrounds & Lollipops. It's pretty, approachable, comfortable, sweet. It's what I think of when I look at your style. As for WP designers - I used Jonathan Stovall of Up Late I Create but my absolute fave, fave, fave is Darcy of Graphically Designing...

  7. I was just re-reading your comments, and it looks like a couple of posters have already said what I was thinking: Playgrounds & Lollipops is perfect! :) Of course, I'm all for trying a new name -- why not go big? -- but I also love the idea of using something so many of your readers are already familiar with. I'll be a reader of both blogs (obviously!), and I can't wait to see what you come up with! (P.S. -- For what it's worth, I'd love, love, love to see some kind of "in a blogger's closet" feature where a blogger shows you the contents of their closet, and you mix and match a couple of outfits for them. I know I'd love to be a guinea pig for that kind of thing... :))

  8. Can't wait to read your new blog!! I like Inspired By or Newly Minted

  9. Seasoned Style - does make me think of meat seasoning, or perhaps a woman with grey (gray?) hair.

    AV Style - says style for Audio/Visual nerds, to me.

    Newly Minted - does make me think about money... and mint peppermint patties... but I like it.

    In Step - Does not make me think of dancing :)

    Good luck, the naming is so hard!

  10. Annie mentioned something that I agree would be purely awesome... mixing up someone's wardrobe! A really great idea.

    As far as the blog name, I was leaning towards AV Style, but for some reason my mind kept thinking of RV.

    I do like the idea of somehow incorporating the name you have for the current blog with the fashion blog... make them flow since they are both you.

  11. i love your idea!
    especially the part about helping readers feel inspired to "go shopping" in their own closets.
    that's what might suck me in is the idea of re- using the things i have with a different purpose.
    i will(of course read both) but i sorta like the idea of using some kind of language that ties the two blogs together and also that suggests the re purposing idea...
    i'm not the best with actual words, for you, but thats my two cents.
    i think you are great!

  12. Hmm.. none of these are jumping out at me.

    I really like you Playgrounds and Lollipops name, and that would work perfectly for your second blog because most people are familiar with it, but it doesn't really give off the advice/tips vibe.

    My thoughts below:

    -Credible Style - I instantly confused it with incredible style

    -Seasoned Style - it sounds like old lady clothes

    -Inspired By - good, but not very creative

    -Muted Style - Seeing the name would not make me want to click over because I would already dismiss it as dull and boring

    -AV Style - Audio Visual?

    -Newly Minted - I like this one the best

    -In step - reminds me of step aerobics.

    I think you should pick something that is unique and memorable, and easy to Google (for instance, "Inspired By" would be impossible to find on Google). But no matter what you end up picking, I'll be reading! :)

  13. Oh, and BTW, your hair looks amazing in that picture! :)

  14. My favorite is Newly Minted! I'm so excited for your new endeavor!

  15. Thanks for all the feedback and support ladies! I will say that I for sure do not want to name it Playgrounds & Lollipops. Even though it might be the wise thing to do to connect me to my current Four Flights readers, for the long haul I don't think it will represent me...for instance if I'm still blogging when my kids are 14 & 12 and have nothing to do with playgrounds. And to be honest after a year and a half I've grown tired of the name; it's a mouthful and I want something more simple and succinct, and even a bit more sophisticated. Even though I plan to continue to blog about approachable style, I still think it can sound sophisticated you know? And thanks Kimmie for the idea about Google searches, you are so right and something I didn't even think about!

  16. YAY! Sounds like the right choice for you. What about a play on your current title... Four Flights Of Style. Hmmm.... Okay, maybe not that exactly..... Five Flights of Fancy? Clearly, I am not so good at this, but just a thought to tie the two together! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

  17. whatever you choose I'll read both!

  18. It was so nice to meet you on Friday night! I'm just sorry I couldn't stay longer.

    As for your new blogging adventure, have you thought of incorporating the "Four Flights of Fancy," as it is one of your four Fs? Just a thought. One Fourth Fancy?

    I'm sure you'll think of something that's a perfect fit.

  19. I like Seasoned Style.

    How about a spin off from the current name?
    Fashion Flight
    For Flight

    Looking forward to seeing all the ch-ch-changes!

  20. I like Inspired By...

    I look forward to reading your new blog. Let me know when it is up and running! :-)

  21. oh my gosh, that's exciting! i'll so be there to read! and as for the naming part...i'll have to think harder about that. i also love that dress!

  22. I really really like Credible Style..the name stays with you : ) Good Luck! And I'll be following! :-)

  23. I think this is very exciting- and actually have a very similar blog- I only post outfits for women (moms) that are 35+, who don't want to spend a fortune- yet want to look great and be age appropriate.

    Please check it out- and let me know when your launch yours! There need to be more style sites aimed at our age group!



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