Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Old Favorites

{Cardigan: Nordstrom; Tank: Gap; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Dolce Vita; Necklaces: Forever 21 & Stella & Dot; 
Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Forever 21 & J.Crew}
We celebrated a dear friend's birthday last night and this is what I wore.  We went on their duffy and I could have very easily dressed it much more down than this, but I needed to put on some heels and gold jewelry and lift my mood a bit, because it's been a bit of a tough week.  This outfit did just that.  The old me, pre-Project 2011 would opt for some retail therapy when feeling blue, but I stopped myself and I was proud.  I almost bought a very nautical-esque shirt yesterday but I remembered this cardigan and how much I love it so wore this instead.  Navy stripes definitely counts as nautical right?

Thanks for reading guys.  It's nice having this space where I can just say hi, say I'm feeling good or I'm feeling blue.  I love my family and my friends and they are the best support system in the world, but there's just something very different and therapeutic about releasing feelings in this way.  I really and truly appreciate those of you that read, whether you leave a comment or not :)

Happy Thursday.  It's a busy day ahead for us, but in the middle we're going to the beach so it should be all good. 
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  1. ADORE that cardigan.
    glad you had a fun evening! xo

  2. This is a cute look! I like that the cardigan is different from the norm with the lace down the front. The jewelry is pretty too, love the feather necklace!

  3. Super cute outfit! Love the heels.

    And congrats on avoiding the retail therapy and instead finding happiness in yourself and your own closet! You should be proud of yourself, I know how tough that can be sometimes.

  4. The jewelry is pretty too, love the feather necklace!

    Mr. Martial Arts

  5. So cute...head to toe. Love the shoes!

  6. Love the entire outfit! Sometimes pulling out the old favorites is just as fun as retail therapy.

  7. Love this! I love a nautical look...navy always seems nautical to me for some reason. You look great and sounds like a fun night!

  8. Way Cute!! You always look so put together: )

  9. Love your cardi and the whole outfit. You look amazing.

  10. Love the outfit! and the shoes!

  11. Super cute outfit! Great to meet you, so beautiful, smart + nice!


    Miss B.


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