Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Construction & Patience

It's embarrassing to admit this, but I don't have the best patience when it comes to helping Taylor with her school work.  I get aggravated and pushy.  I'm not proud of it and I know it doesn't help her at all.  So a couple of weeks back after my conversation with her teacher, I made this patience jar.  I take it out everyday when we do school work and every time I lose my patience I have to put change in it.  Taylor loves this idea and as stupid as it sounds, it has served as a good reminder to keep my attitude and talk positive and calm.  I've only had to put change in it once, and I'd love to never have to put money in it again.

I got the idea from my childhood.  My dad had a "cuss jar" and had to put money in it every time he cursed.  He is a truck driver so it didn't take long for him to fill it up ;)  Funny because it's been years since I remember even hearing him curse, but when we were growing up, hearing Son of a B was pretty much an everyday occurrence... 

Now I know that this idea may seem ridiculous to some, and probably wouldn't work on an older kid who could care less if I lost my patience just so long as they could get more money.  But for a 6 year old, she'd much rather me be encouraging and positive than short and snappy.  Having never been a rewards type of family, it kind of goes against our parenting views a bit too, but like I said, it's working and that's good enough for me.

On another note, I could never be a home improvement type of blogger.  Two hours after tearing down walls and closets, I remembered that I never got a single "before" picture.  I'm finally getting myself a linen closet, and in turn Syd's closet is being shrunken down.  He had an enormous closet that stretched the length of an entire 7' wall.  Just not right for a boy to have a closet that big ;)  So for now I'm getting linen space, hooray!  And Syd's getting a more appropriate size closet.  All very exciting stuff.  You guys will never have to hear me complain about zero linen storage again!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend and had a good week.  So many kids went back to school this week so wishing all transitions were smooth and best wishes for a great school year!


  1. Wow I thought It was only me that had a patience issue when helping Miranda with her homework. I like the jar idea but I never have any change, maybe I'll add coffee beans and then I can exchange the beans for cash (hopefully not much) at the end of the week.

  2. One of the best parts of Montessori school....NO homework! ;o) He,he....I remember your mom scolding me for my "mouth like a trucker" once...I can't believe I cussed in front of her!

  3. I do not have patience with anything. One huge flaw that I have. I wish I could have more patient. We live such a hectic and rushed life. I find myself telling my son "hurry", "move faster", "lets go", "I said sit down and do your homework"...on and on...Probably why I'm so exhausted all the time...if I slowed down a bit I might feel better and I'm sure my son would to.

  4. I am afraid that we'd go in debt if I created a patience jar. Seriously, though, it is a great idea.

  5. That is SO me with the renovation photos--I'm generally half way into a project when I remember!Ha!! happened again yesterday--I forgot to photograph the old wall colors without crown molding--oh well, sure looks pretty Now!!!!

  6. I love the patience jar! I also am impatient when it comes to homework. I'm super glad I'm not the only one. I must admit that when I saw you at Chic-fil-A a few weeks ago, I had a touch of almost star struckness - I read your blog and we only know each other from brief / large playdate encounters. I should have been more engaging...


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