Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Hit & Miss

{Vest, Shorts & Shirt - Old Navy; Flower Pin from an old hat; Necklace - Forever 21; 
Wedges - Banana Republic; Sunglasses - Anthropologie}
Old navy was good to me a couple of weeks ago.  This entire clothing ensemble was $30.  It's funny how it's tacky to brag about how much an expensive item costs, but rock bottom dollar basement prices?  Brag away with wild abandon!  Old Navy is hit and miss for me, but when I went in looking for my red pants, I found these little treasures - shorts were $5, vest $15 and shirt $10.  I've been eyeing this vest for a while now and I guess it proves to be patient.  This vest and I have some fun things planned come fall.  Watch out for me and my vest.  It may soon replace the best pants eva as my favorite thing in my closet.  :)
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  1. totally considered that shirt TODAY at old navy. looks great on you! love the vest too. see you soon!!

  2. I'm so jealous of people who can wear yellow - it makes me look all sickly. Very cute, and different than what I've ever seen you in.

  3. I saw that vest at ON today but they only had too big or too small. Grr! You look great!

  4. cuteness. the colors look wonderful on you!
    love the shirt the most...and your hair! love!

  5. I went to Old Navy last night and was shocked at how much I liked! I usually don't go there, but they did good this season. You look like a million bucks (not 30)! So well done to you too!

  6. i was so ready to copy this entire outfit [totally in my budget] until i remembered i'm pregnant and it wouldn't quite fit. it looks SO good on you! and the red flower is the perfect finishing touch.

    hmm... i could probably still do the vest, right? :)

  7. Yes, Aly you could totally do the vest! Would look so cute with a pregnant belly sticking out between the zipper :)

  8. I love the yellow checkered shirt with this- and your little touch of the flower on the vest is brilliant!
    I love seeing what you do!

  9. love this look, and i'm thinking i might be able to recreate it with a olive-colored utility vest in my own closet. could i pair that with a blue gingham button down? i'm thinking so... (p.s. old navy has really been surprising me lately. just ordered two shirts from there that i think all wear all fall/winter. hooray!)

  10. lucky lucky lady!! i would say old navy was good to you! I love that top and vest.
    I think i might have to hit up the ON this week!!
    great outfit...so glad you stopped by :)


  11. Love this look! SO happy and fun the the flower pin is perfect! You look great :)

  12. So chic and cheerful!! The flower adds the perfect pop!


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