Monday, September 19, 2011

It All Falls Into Place

 Happy Monday friends!  How was everyone's weekend?  After I got over the hump of Friday's busy day, we ended up having a great weekend.  The Meet the Masters session that I taught in Taylor's classroom went great and I had a really good time despite my nerves.  It's so funny how we forget how accepting and loving 6 year olds are as compared to adults.  Once I got into the class and started my lesson, their genuine excitement put me at ease and I had such a good time.

Another thing that fixed itself on Friday were my business cards!  I got in touch with Rachel's printer Ben and his Etsy shop DesignerAged and he had them printed that day with no extra crazy rush charges!  His printer is in LA and so I also didn't have to pay for overnight shipping.  I just love it when things work themselves out.  So instead of a sticky note, you will be receiving a real, legitimate business card from me at Blog Sugar :)  I can't wait to meet you! 

In other happy news, I'm happy to welcome Lisa Leonard Designs on as a Four Flights of Fancy sponsor!  I've always been a fan of Lisa's work and am so happy to have such a talented and stylish lady on as a sponsor.  Visit Lisa's fantastic blog here, and her beautiful shop here.  Also stay tuned for a fun giveaway from Lisa in the next couple of weeks :)
I personally love the tiny twig necklace that's new to her shop :)
Four Flights of Fancy is getting a new look come October 1st.  If you're interested in working with me or sponsoring Four Flights, please shoot me a note. 

I have so many fun posts lined up in my head but so little time to write them with Blog Sugar coming up on SUNDAY!  So I won't be around much this week, although I do have a fun outfit post planned for WIWW.  But come next week I promise to have a new recipe and a new DIY craft for you guys, and maybe a few fun recaps from Blog Sugar! 

Thanks as always for reading and for the constant support and love.  Oh, and one last thing, I am this close to finding the name for my new style blog.  I can't wait to announce it and get started.  I really can't wait!

Happy week to you all!


  1. very exciting! lisa leonard, new look, naming the new site and BLOG SUGAR! woohoo!

    can't wait to meet yoursweet, fancy self;)

  2. yay can't wait to meet you and get a fancy business card. also intrigued by your new style blog and would be interested in sponsoring if it's within my budget.

  3. Excited to see your style blog! I have 2 different ones, a family and a personal style blog. Sometimes I think it'd be fun to merge the two but I think it would be hard to find an audience that would like all of that together (if that makes sense).

    The Suburb Experiment


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