Friday, September 16, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Stream of Conscious

{at least I have plenty of my cool Knock Knock sticky notes left to pass out!  Thanks for the tip Laura!}
Unless there is a miracle in the land of printing, I won't have business cards for a pretty large event that I'm helping to throw.  That is unless I want to pay eight thousand dollars for rush shipping, which I don't.  Yup, you may be getting my contact information on a sticky note for Blog Sugar.

I DO have my outfit all lined up though and scored a dress from Old Navy for $23.  Priorities you know.  ;)  It is a long maxi that is more on the casual side, but I'm quite certain that I'll be very comfortable running around in it. 

There is so much going on with the kid's schools in the last 2 weeks and next week.  I wish I could say no to stuff, but I really don't want to say no.  Our involvement only gets more and more limited in their school career the older they get, and I want to take advantage of every opportunity I can to be a part of it right now.  So I'm just trying to make it all work somehow and squeeze it in, like we all are.  Today is the school carnival at Taylor's school and I'm working 2 shifts at the cookie sale booth.  And I'm teaching her Meet the Masters class at noon.  Hopefully Monet doesn't roll over in his grave when I show them how to paint in the Impressionism genre.

I usually never go more than a day without washing my hair, but it's been 3 days now.  I've been using my Tresemme dry shampoo and I've decided I don't like it.  It is scented, and while the scent isn't bad, and under normal circumstances it would actually be quite nice, when I use it the scent just reminds me that I have dirty hair.  And that disturbs me.  A lot.

The nice thing about no longer drinking coffee is when you actually do need the caffeine lift, it works because your body is no longer just used to it.  It has been working to my advantage a lot this week.  3 cups yesterday in fact.  Today I'm drinking English Breakfast though because I can see an addiction coming back rather quickly.

I can guarantee this is the dirtiest my floors have ever been.  And I can guarantee I don't care right now.

Blog Sugar is 9 days away!  Holy smokes how did that happen?  Are you coming?  Please leave me a comment and let me know so I can make sure to say hi!


  1. How cool that you're doing a Novica giveaway too! Girl, snatch that elephant necklace up. We can be twinsies! And I'll be keeping you in my prayers. You seem like you have a lot on your plate, but I hope you're still able to enjoy each event! One day at a time friend. One day at a time. xo

  2. My tennis shoes are sticking to my wood floors...a sure sign that I need to mop.

    See you at Blog Sugar!

  3. You are too cute!! I just ordered 1000 biz cards from nextdayflyers.com for $19.99 plus shipping. 2-4 day shipping. They will arrive next week fingers crossed!

  4. i know this is random, but have you thought -- on top of your bajillion other things to do, lol -- of designing your own business cards & having them printed at kinkos? i know that sounds nuts, but actually i use kinkos for a lot of my design products, and they've often had my stuff ready by the next business day, and they come out really well. just a thought if you'd really like to have some for blog sugar (which i really wish i was coming to. boo for living in florida!!). in the meantime, take a deep breath, and just tackle one thing at a time. it will get done. (and who cares about dirty floors? no one. well, maybe martha stewart, but honestly? who wants to be like her anyway?)

  5. I love sticky notes. ;) Ugh- outfit- still need to figure that one out! You are so on the ball- even when you feel like you aren't. Can't wait to see you SUnday!

  6. your life sounds a little bit like mine right now.
    however I haven't found an outfit for blog sugar. pregnancy woes.
    I will be there! can't wait to meet you in person!!!

  7. 8 THOUSAND dollars? Wow. That's insane!

    I'm the same way with the Tresemme shampoo. Only I also feel like I'm adding an extra layer of stuff to my already questionable head. Kind of grosses me out.

    The Suburb Experiment

  8. I will be there. And I have business cards, but nothing to wear!! I think your priorities are PERFECT! Looking forward to meeting you!!

  9. I have post it notes too....actually I am taking your idea because I don't think I will have biz cards there either. It is my first time and I didn't think to have them. OH WELL! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. 9 Days? I need lesson plans for work. . .thankful my man can handle the kids with no instructions: )

  11. i wish i was going to blog sugar. i wanna go to a blog conference so bad one day!!

    i have been thinking about getting that dry shampoo... ive heard so many people raving about it! im getting some tomorrow to try... thats weird that it smells though... we'll see.

  12. I will be there!!! SO excited and yes my haouser is being so neglected right now too... gearing up for 2 Markets!

  13. I'll be there! No business cards for me so I might just have to steal your sticky note idea. :)

  14. Oh dear....I, too, have zero biz cards and haven't found the {right} outfit! I thought about maybe printing some Avery labels with my info and sticking to a little sweet somethin'....that is how desperate I am! Note to self: get on it! ;-) Hair needs to be colored, pedi, haven't exercised in a week! Yikes. Sunday will be fabulous no matter what! Can't wait to meet you and the rest of the fabulous ladies! XOXO

  15. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Blog Sugar!!!!!! Can't believe it is only days away! :)


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